Rest and New Inventory

We normally only close down shipping a few times a year and we are doing it twice in August. The site will still be up and running and you can place orders like normal but shipping will be shut down from July 30th and resume on August 8th and then… More

Hot Hot Summer – Updates into Q3

Wow, it’s been hot during the day and thunderstorms with flash rain storms each evening the past few days in Utah. I hope your summer has been as great as ours has been here at C1G headquarters. I have two teenagers and a ten-year-old that have kept me going in… More

Almost Summer – New Look – New Updates

It’s been a while since we had a new look at CategoryOneGames. We needed a new logo after updating the website background, going from black/space with stars to white. Enter our new logo with Gold/Rust coloring and either a black or white background for the image. We are thrilled with… More

2022 Full Steam Ahead

Star Wars CCG is back on CategoryOneGames! C1 was built on the back of Star Wars CCG. It was the game I had the most inventory for. It was the game I knew the best. It was the game I was playing and had played since it November 2015 when… More

Thanksgiving Specials & More

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. I love looking back at the things I am grateful for and much of that has to do with so many of these great gaming communities that we are part of. Thank you for all that you have done this year in… More

Summer Updates

It’s hot here in Utah. I’m sure it’s hot where you are at and summer is in full effect. That means we are going to cool it off with some great discounts through the rest of June. 15% off of Doomtown, Legends of the Burning Sands and Overpower through the… More

Spring Updates with C1G

The NFL draft is coming up this weekend. I’m a huge sports fan and I love seeing teams have a chance of rebuilding. It’s just like all the prep you would put in before an event or all the time you spend sorting in order to put that set together.… More

November Notes

November has always been one of my favorite months with Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. Spending time with family and reflecting on the things that make life great. It’s also a fun month for sports, shopping, and food. CategoryOneGames has had a busy October and November. We’ve added a few… More

Natural Disasters and Collectibles

What sort of impact are natural disasters having on the CCG/TCG market? Many disasters force people from their homes with little time to grab their hobbies or any other non-essential items. How many collections are lost each year between fires, hurricanes, tornados, etc.? I was a teen in the 90’s… More

Musings – Video Games, CCG Market, Comics, TV and Movies.

The Transformers War for Cybertron Siege I releases June 28th. Expect to see singles for the game soon afterwards on CategoryOneGames. In the meantime, singles from Season 1 and 2 have recently been restocked and a selection of San Diego Promos are in stock under the Season 1 set name.… More

Transformers TCG and Insecticons Deck Intro

CategoryOneGames has been diving into the Transformers TCG and loving every second of it. There are multiple deck types to play, many different options for deck construction and so many of our favorite Transformers to play around with. The game is easy enough for kids to play it and in… More

Sailing the 7th Sea

A new addition to CategoryOneGames is the classic pirate game, 7th Sea made by AEG. While I personally have never played the game, I’m excited to help others finish their collections, get the last few cards for a deck or introduce new players to a game they want to try… More

10% off through November 1st and Babylon 5

It’s the spooktacular time of the season where everyone gets an extra 10% off of every order. That’s right, everything on the site including pre-orders gets 10% off at checkout through November 1st. In addition to that, we have a lot of new games hitting the site this month and… More

Comic Con pt 2 – Orange stands out!

With Halloween Expo setup starting today, I’m going to make this series a little longer and cover the different years we have been doing cons. Next week will be this year’s events and then I’ll do a wrapup of Halloween Expo. There were other conventions that I could have done… More

Comic Con pt 1 – Selling Video Games, Comics and Toys

October 13th and 14th will be the last convention that we do for this year unless something randomly happens. This is the second year of the Halloween Expo at the South Town Expo Center in Sandy Utah and our first time attending it. This got me thinking of how we… More

VS System

VS System has to be one of our favorite games here at CategoryOneGames and we are super pumped to have the full run of VS System on our site. For years we have only had a few DC sets but it’s now fully on there. The buylist is setup, we… More

What got you into card Games?

I often think back to my neighborhood growing up as a really fun place with a lot of kids around my same age. In the summer of 1994 I was 13 and living in Franklin, TN and playing a lot of sports with the group of kids in my neighborhood.… More

Pick a Game, any Game!

Over the past month I’ve had a lot of game stores approach me with older inventory. These are either boxes of cards they had in their back room or were part of collections they received from customers. I’ve also been buying up a lot of inventory for games currently being… More

Rolling into 2017 with a 2016 wrap-up.

Happy New Year! As 2016 wraps up and 2017 starts, it always drives me to look at the numbers for the year and make projections for the next year. CategoryOneGames had it’s best year in business and hope to keep that momentum going into 2017. We couldn’t have done it… More

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. As a big thank you to the amazing customers of CategoryOneGames, we are having a great sale of 10% off of all items currently in stock and 20% off of all orders over $400. This deal is going on now through the end of Cyber Monday, with… More