C1G Update for Feb 14, 2024: Valentine’s Day Singles Sale!!!!

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The Weekly Sale Codeword for the week of February 14, 2024 – February 18, 2023, is Valentine2024.

This week you’ll save 10% on all items with these game categories – All non-pre-order items on the site.

To get the discount, head over to CategoryOneGames, add items to your cart from these categories, go to checkout, and enter the weekly codeword.

There will be a new sale every week.

Scott’s Thoughts

It has been a great week and I’m excited to see all of these singles find their special someone with our Valentine’s Day Sale!

This past week has been busy busy here at C1G headquarters.

Pricing Updates – Star Trek 1E, Star Trek 2E, Star Trek TCG, Middle Earth, Battletech, First half of the Lord of the Rings Sets, Babylon 5, Harry Potter, Dredd, Fight Klub, GI Joe, Heresy Kingdom Come, Horus Heresy, Illuminati and Kult. From the sell price for these games to the buy price. Look for more pricing updates over the next few weeks.

Star Wars Unlimited – Fantasy Flight held a massive event this past weekend for retailer stores and social media influencers to have them test out the new Star Wars Unlimited game and they had a lot of positive press coming from the event. The game is fun to play, there is a Commander 4-player style version of the game, and collectors will love some of the harder to find cards in the game. This will be a big hit and I’m excited for it to come out next month. We will have singles near release for the game!

Battletech – Even more Battletech cards landed in stock this past week and many of them flew out of our office. Look for more of this game to be added over the next few weeks.

Buylists restocking – We had a lot of buylists land this past week including WWE Raw Deal, Star Wars CCG including the hot Corporal Beezer card, Star Trek 1E including a lot of WB 94 and 95, and a few new Disney Lorcana cards.

WWE Smackdown – The C1G staff is going to Friday Night Smackdown this week in Salt Lake City. We are all pumped and looking forward to a fun night.

Have a great week!

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