C1G Update for March 27, 2024: Star Wars Unlimited Shadows of the Galaxy releases in July

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Scott’s Thoughts

What a great time for gaming. While the big three have dominated the gaming space for a long time, this past year has seen the release of games that are making an impact on the hobby. Disney’s Lorcana, Star Wars Unlimited, One Piece, the return of both Warlord and Magi-Nation through Kickstarter, and great games like My Hero Academia through Universes and Grand Archive. We haven’t seen this many great games in the market since the mid-90s.

Before we dive into various game info this week, I wanted to give you a little insight into the business side of what we are doing. The months of April and May should be fairly amazing at C1G. We will be adding multiple current games on the site with singles and boxes available as well as adding multiple out of print games to the site that have not previously been on the site and updating games currently on the site that need more attention. I’m excited to be able to share this with you over the next few weeks. Look for Warlord, Legend of the Five Rings, Final Fantasy, and other games getting massive updates.

Star Wars Unlimited: This past week has been a roller coaster for Star Wars Unlimited fans. After a hot start and great events running around the country, boxes went out of stock at the distributor level, and online retailers saw a run on products by eager fans wanting to get cards to build decks.

Panic set in and retailers started hearing that we would see a restock in July when the second set was released. Fantasy Flight started to see the panic online and released a statement saying they would start adding inventory to the market in April and to not worry. Wow. Within one week we went from excitement, to panic, to relief.

I hope to see a restock of boxes and singles sometime in April. We are already seeing people using the buylist on the site, with multiple buy list orders we are currently waiting on to arrive that should help boost our stock of cards on the site until boxes flow freely again.

Lorcana – Lorcana has certainly been a hit and the third set Into the Inklands has been so popular that we pulled in another group of cases that I’ve been cracking and sorting to get on the site. Look for that fully up by the end of the week. We will also be adding cards from the second set Rise of the Floodborn that should be up around the same time.

I’ll have more info on various games next week, be on the lookout for the start of all the cool things coming over the next two months.

Have a great week!

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