C1G Update for March 13, 2024: Star Wars Unlimited Release!

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The Weekly Sale Codeword for the week of March 13, 2024 – March 19, 2023, is Starwars.

This week you’ll save 10% on all items with these game categories – Star Wars CCG, Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures, Star Wars Destiny, Star Wars Miniatures, Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG.

To get the discount, head to CategoryOneGames, add items to your cart from these categories, go to checkout, and enter the weekly codeword. You’ll see the discount apply as long as you only have items from these categories in your cart. Our system isn’t smart enough to handle any other items added and keep the discount in place. If you want to pick up items from other games, you can place a separate order for those and we will ship them out together and add any extra shipping to your account as store credit.

There will be a new sale every week.

Scott’s Thoughts

Wow! What a week. Star Wars Unlimited landed Friday and it feels like a blur since then. At some point, I need to sleep, haha. Between filling pre-orders, getting boxes opened, singles sorted and the site, it has been non-stop. I’ve got a 4-row box that is full of another case of cards that I need to add to the site of new SW Unlimited cards.

Star Wars Unlimited: If you wondered what would be the top selling card from the game, it is Darth Vader, followed by Boba Fett. We had nearly 10 of both in stock and they all sold out. I’m hoping we pull a few more in the new cases I plan on opening and adding this coming week. Look for these soon.

If you are looking for the best decks to play, check out our friends K.T.O.D.’s Youtube channel and see the top 3 decks in the current meta.

Star Trek 2E – Plenty of new Rares from the game landed on the site this past week. Lots of them are in NM – really nice condition. These are perfect for someone looking to finish off sets.

Babylon 5 – The B5 restock finally happened. Pick up the cards you need for the game in really nice condition.

Look for more Star Wars Destiny, Disney’s Lorcana, and a few new out of print games on the site soon. The games Pirates of the Caribbean and 24 are now on the buy list. We have inventory for 24 and once we get inventory in for Pirates, we will have it available for sale.

Have a great week!

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