C1G Update for April 3, 2024: Lorcana, Dune, Battletech, and Star Wars Destiny Restocks

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Scott’s Thoughts

What a crazy time to be a fan of card games. From plenty of new games out that are good games and worth playing to being able to pick up so many out of print games to enjoy.

Just last night, I went through buylists for Star Wars Unlimited, Dune, Battletech, WWE Raw Deal, Magic, and Star Trek – including a full set of All Good Things. On top of that, our full selection of singles for Lorcan’s Rise of the Floodborn was added to the site and another round of Into the Inkland Foils/Rares/Legendaries/Ultra-Rares will hit the site today. We are continuing to see a strong number of current games and out of print games and we are only going to see more and more growth on C1G with many more games to come and inventory to be filled out.

Magi-Nation: One of the games that got overlooked the past few weeks was Magi-Nation. The kickstarter for the game is doing great and the classic game was added to our inventory a few weeks back and people are just now realizing it. This past week Magi-Nation moved into our top 10 selling games for the year, in just a week. Our inventory for the game is from various collections we picked up over the years that we have been sitting on for some time. Trying to add a large game like this with many dedicated fans can be a challenge to figure out pricing. There has to be a sweet spot where people feel like the price is right and I think we hit that perfectly. We talked to many fans of the game to gauge price ranges and that helped figure out pricing and people have been picking up so much from this game. It is always nice to have one source that will support a game and let you pick up cards as you need them as well as knowing they will restock and bring in more over time.

Star Wars Unlimited: The buy list for the game is already bringing in new cards for the game and set 2, Shadows of the Galaxy, started spoilers today. There will be three new mechanics including Bounty Hunting and Capturing with a third mechanic yet to be announced. The two player starter for this set will be Moff Gideon vs The Mandalorian. Shadows of the Galaxy will be released mid-July, and pre-orders for boxes are already up on C1G.

Lorcana – It feels like we missed set 2, haha, and we did. Rise of the Floodborn is now on the site and a restock of Into the Inklands is landing today.

More out of print games will be landing on the site this week. Follow our Social Media posts for updates as they arrive.

Have a great week!

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