C1G Update for Feb 21, 2024: New Games Added – EVE, Imajica, High Stakes Drifter – More

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Scott’s Thoughts

What a week. There are some weeks where it feels like a grind just getting out new orders or sorting cards and there isn’t much news and then there are weeks like last week.

Right now we are at an interesting time in the hobby gaming space. The new games coming out are making a real dent in the industry and they don’t feel like games that will barely make it or as side projects for bigger game companies. Between Lorcana, One Piece, and the upcoming Star Wars Unlimited and Altered, these should all have legs in the industry. Companies like Fantasy Flight Games have upped their marketing and in person demoing of their SW Unlimited game and have a plan in place that wasn’t there for all of their other games.

While we continue to see Magic falter set after set and retailers losing money on these new releases, more and more stores are looking at and pushing alternatives when Magic was king pre-2020 and yet Wizards of the Coast has done everything they can to squeeze income from the only property that is keeping Hasbro going.

So let’s talk about this past week with C1G.

New Games: We added around 10 or so new games this past week. Many of these games have 1-3 sets and are often smaller, overlooked games. Our inventory for each isn’t super deep but we have them on our buylist as well. If you have extras you are looking to get rid of, we would be glad to purchase or offer store credit for them.

Killer Instinct – Based on the Arcade/SNES game from the mid 90s, this game was based off of this franchise with one set.

Imagica – The game based on the Clive Barker series. There is only one set and a bunch of promos. This game is very popular for Clive Barker fans. I have no idea how the gameplay is for the game, but the art is really great.

EVE: Second Genesis – A very well pushed game at release, it only lasted two sets but appears to have a solid fanbase that still supports the game.

High Stakes Drifter – an Old West style game with real Old West images on the cards.

Fantasy Adventures, Battlelords, Firestorm Primary Edition, and Star Quest – each of these games I have little actual knowledge of and can’t really speak to. Maybe we can get a guest writer to send in some info related to them.

There were a few games we added that we don’t have products for yet but have up on the buylist. They are – Hecatomb, Warlords CCG, Eye of Judgement Sets 1 – 3, Star of the Guardians, and Tempest of the Gods. Once we have inventory for these games, they will go up on the front end of the site.

Re-design – We are updating the website with a small change this past week. We have moved our top selling games to the top of the tree of games. If you are on mobile, this means less scrolling as the top games are at the top of the list and then it starts over alphabetically with the rest of the games.

We are looking at a full website redesign over the next few weeks. This will fully update the look and feel of the site. It will look better and move much faster than it currently does. I’m excited for you to see this new look once we are ready to make that move.

Lorcana – The third set of Lorcana comes out very soon and we will be stocking singles for the set and fully diving into the game. Look to pick up the items you need for the game as soon as we can crack packs and get them on the site.

Legend of the Five Rings – Look for an update to the game over the next week or two, I’m really excited about this.

More New Games – Man, we have a lot going on here. I’m excited for it. I’ll let you know more next week! It will be…..Mega!

Family Corner

My oldest son Connor and I are running the Las Vegas half marathon this coming weekend. If you are in the Vegas area or running in the race, let me know and I’d be happy to meet up if time is available. I am going to have a fun time walking the race. While I’ve been working on my weight and getting in shape, I’m still not at a point where I could run something like this but I’m excited to be part of it and cheer on Connor as he is trying to be competitive in the race. My dad, my uncles, and my cousins and their families all do this race each year and this is our first year participating. I’m really excited to spend time with family I don’t see all that often and to do this event together.

Have a great week!

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