C1G Update for March 20, 2024: Star Wars Unlimited Restocks – Lorcana – Highlander – Hecatomb

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Scott’s Thoughts

Another great week of all sorts of fun things. From the start of college basketball’s March Madness to some of the newer games landing on the site to our favorite classic card games seeing massive updates.

I’ve got 6 buy lists next to me that I’ll be going through today that should add a nice restock of games to the site and we are continuing to work on some of the classic games with some nice new updates I’m excited to share including Hecatomb singles now on the site and singles for a few of the Highlander sets now available.

I also wanted to touch on a few new games you’ll start seeing singles and boxes/packs on the site over the next few weeks. Grand Archive and Universes My Hero Academia are both going to be supported on C1G moving forward. You’ll also see a bigger emphasis on the Final Fantasy TCG! Look for more info in a future email or check our social media pages and website for updates.

But lets get to the hot new game on the block – Star Wars Unlimited.

Everyone freaked out that Star Wars Unlimited wouldn’t see restocks until July and Fantasy Flight has come out and said we will start to see restocks in April with batches of stock released into the market. No need to panic buy boxes for extreme prices, they will go back to regular pricing.

Star Wars Unlimited: This game is already cooking. We just added our last batch of singles to the site from two cases that we broke. While it is obvious that the top character cards for Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Boba Fett are high in demand, there are plenty of strategies and decks available to try and see what works best for you as a player. Collectors love the game and the four collector tiers.

The game is now on our buy list – if you have extras you want to sell or trade, our list will continually be updated along with our regular inventory.

Lorcana – We have another box of Into the Inkland singles that we will be adding to the site today. We also have invested heavily into the game with a few cases of Into the Inklands and Rise of the Floodborn on their way to be opened for singles. Look for a full restock of the game soon. If you have extras of the game, we now have the various sets on our buy list with updated/higher pricing for them.

Hecatomb – We’ve got singles for the first two sets as of today. I’d like to see the third set on the site soon and make sure you check out our buy list for the game.

Highlander– I’m really excited to have singles for this game on the site. We’ve been working on this for some time and there is a very dedicated fanbase for the game and series. As of right now, we have up Four Horseman, Series Edition, The Gathering, and Watcher Chronicles. I’m hoping we have the rest of the game up by the end of the week. If you see anything off in our images or info, please let me know. Myself and the C1G staff are all new to this game so there is a bit of a learning curve.

If you have any Pirates of the Caribbean singles available, check out our buy list for the game. We’d like to help the community of players looking for cards for this game and get it added to our site.

Alright, everyone. Thanks for reading and sticking with us and playing the games you love. Have a great weekend watching college basketball. If I’m not in the office, I’ll be at B-Dubs eating wings and watching games.

Have a great week!

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