C1G Update for Jan 31, 2024: The Joy of Opening a Package

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The Weekly Sale Codeword for the week of January 31, 2024 – February 6, 2023, is Baseball.

This week you’ll save 10% on all items with these game categories – Magic the Gathering, Marvel Recharge, Mega Man TCG, Middle Earth, MLB Showdown.

To get the discount, head over to CategoryOneGames, add items to your cart from these categories, go to checkout, and enter the weekly codeword. You’ll see the discount apply as long as you only have items from these categories in your cart. Our system isn’t smart enough to handle any other items added and keep the discount in place. If you want to pick up items from other games, you can place a separate order for those and we will ship them out together and add any extra shipping to your account as store credit.

There will be a new sale every week.

Scott’s Thoughts

I was staying late last night at the office to get out a bunch of orders. The image in this email is part of the orders I was working on and I was thinking about the fun of receiving a package in the mail.

I hope you experience excitement while shopping on CategoryOneGames. I hope that excitement continues as you wait for the package to arrive, you get it from your mailbox, open it and sort through the cards you have been waiting for. I hope that this whole experience makes you happy all along the process and brings you joy.

If there is ever a problem. Please reach out and I’m glad to get you taken care of.

Wyvern – Lots of new Wyvern in across all sets.

VS System – A good chunk of VS was restocked Tuesday afternoon. Look for more VS to hit soon.

Dune – A really nice collection of Dune hit the site last week including a lot of the Starter Deck Houses. We cut these out very carefully so that people can sleeve them and use them when playing.

Buylists – We have a lot of buylists that will be added to the site at the end of the week. This includes a lot of WWE Raw Deal, Star Wars CCG and other great games. Look for those restock emails to hit your inbox.

Have a great week!

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