C1G Update for April 17, 2024: Spring Sale

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The Weekly Sale Codeword for the week of April 17, 2024 – April 23, 2023, is Spring10.

This week you’ll save 10% on all items with these game categories – All categories get the discount except for pre-order items.

To get the discount, head to CategoryOneGames, add items to your cart from these categories, go to checkout, and enter the weekly codeword. You’ll see the discount apply as long as you only have items from these categories in your cart. Our system isn’t smart enough to handle any other items added and keep the discount in place. If you want to pick up items from other games, you can place a separate order for those and we will ship them out together and add any extra shipping to your account as store credit.

There will be a new sale every week.

Scott’s Thoughts

The weather is finally warming up in Utah. It’s been so cold for so long that everyone is wearing shorts and tanning in 60-degree weather. It feels great and even hot once it gets into the 70s. I’m excited for summer to be here and for that very reason, we are doing 10% off everything this week with the Spring10 discount code at checkout. This will work on everything on the site except for pre-order items.

Pick up the items you need to Spring into Summer!

This past week has seen a lot of restocked items on the site from Star Wars CCG to a lot of Star Trek CCG sets and look for a full Enterprise collection to hit the site as singles over the next day or two. There are plenty of new items coming this next week.

WWE Raw Deal: I’m going to be adding a large amount of WWE Raw Deal this week. Be on the lookout for plenty of cards from superstar specifics to all the actions and maneuvers you’d ever want.

Guardians: Look for plenty of new cards for the game over the next few days. I’ve got staff working on the game right now and you’ll see a full restock hitting the site.

I’ve got a big surprise game that is getting fully updated. I’ll announce it next week but I think you’ll all enjoy it.

Have a great week!

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