C1G Update for April 24, 2024: VS System Restock, Teen Titans Go!, Warhammer 40K CCG

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Scott’s Thoughts

This has been a fun week here at C1G. The weather is finally nice and sunny, I’m going for walks each day, and enjoying just being outside.

I’ve been talking with a local game store that I’ll share more details about here in the next week or two. It’s going to be something that will be really cool for that store as well as for us here on C1G.

VS System: This week we saw various games get small restocks and a rather nice VS System collection that came in and was added today to the site. 8 rows of all new VS System cards. I tried to get each note card with the name of the section so you could see how much of a restock each set received.

Teen Titans Go! singles launched on the site this week. We have them on our buylist as well as having singles for the hard to find Teen Titans East 2nd set. I am a bit confused between the first set having a Limited and Unlimited version and I do not know how to tell them apart. I’ve listed all of our products as Unlimited but I’m still not sure about that. There are also foils related to this game that I can’t find in any set lists. I don’t know if it is a full parallel set or if only certain cards received foils. If you have info on this, please let me know.

Warhammer 40K CCG has a dedicated fanbase that really supports the game. We did a massive inventory update to this game and are adding a lot of Promo Foils that we previously did not have listed. Look for those to be on the site by the end of the week and the updates to the base sets are already completed.

Look for more Warhammer Age of Sigmar info next week as singles will be available on the site.

Star Wars CCG will see a large restock this week. I’ve got 4 really big buy lists right now that I need to go through that will add a lot of inventory across all sets to the site. I’m really excited for these and I’m sure you will enjoy them.

I’ve got a 4 row box of odd and ends cards that I’m currently going through that has been adding small restocks to games. There will be bigger sections for Magic and World of Warcraft that should be added here in the next few days.

We’ve been sorting this massive amount of DragonBall Z that I’m hoping should be on the site sometime in early May.

Lots of other things are happening and I’ll be able to talk about it next week.

Family Corner:

This is one of my favorite times of the year. My youngest son has baseball M/W and my daughter has lacrosse on T/TH. Each night is outside watching sports and it really is a blast. My son’s 5th/6th grade baseball team went undefeated last year and he is the only remaining player from that winning team. He has all new teammates and they have dominated the first two games. He’s gotten two RBIs with two singles, two walks, and one strikeout. He’s been playing first and second base and it has been great to watch him improve.

My daughter’s lacrosse team has been winning games during their away games but losing at home. I’m not sure what is going on there but something is off, haha.

My oldest son is excited to graduate and go to college next year. He has been in touch with a kid he will be rooming with and they got their dorm together yesterday. The kid is from Colorado and they should have a fun time next year at the U.

Have a great week!

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