C1G Update for June 20, 2023: Emails are Back – 5 Games Discounted – New Games!

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The Weekly Sale Codeword for the week of July 18, 2023 – July 25, 2023, is ByCrom.

This week you’ll save 10% on all items with these game categories – Call of Cthulhu, City of Heroes, Conan, Cyberpunk, and Dark Age.

To get the discount, head over to CategoryOneGames, add items to your cart from these categories, go to checkout, and enter the weekly codeword. You’ll see the discount apply as long as you only have items from these categories in your cart. Our system isn’t smart enough to handle any other items added and keep the discount in place. If you want to pick up items from other games, you can place a separate order for those and we will ship them out together and add any extra shipping to your account as store credit.

There will be a new sale every week.

Scott’s Thoughts!

It has been nearly a month since my last email and it is time to get back on schedule. The end of June and the start of July have been extremely busy not only in the office but for my time outside of the office and that has caused the emails to fall off a bit. Have no fear, the emails are back!

Jedi Knights

This game is fully on the site and ready for you to pick up the cards you need to finish decks or complete your collection. Did you know there are only 9 foils for the game? There are 8 tournament foils and 1 Emperor Palpatine foil that generally goes for around $200. Each of these is much harder to find than any of the other cards in the game.


I’ve had a few people ask when Conan singles would be on the site and if we would be running any specials for the game – BOOM! – take a look at the discounted games this week. Get that extra Conan discount and finish that collection.


For whatever reason, RAGE cards have been coming in through collection and buylist purchases more than ever before and we’ve seen an increase in sales of Rage. I asked one collector what was going on within the community and he didn’t know…..isn’t it obvious? It must be a full moon!

Don’t Stop Checking Those Restocks!

I had a hard time sleeping last night because I was thinking of all the new cards that were just restocked. So many games saw inventory added like Doomtrooper Limited Premiere, Call of Cthulhu (hey that’s on sale!), Hyborian Gates, Bloodwars, Wyvern, Vampire/Jyhad, Illuminati, Harry Potter, and the larger games like VS System, Star Trek 1E/2E, Star Wars CCG, Star Wars TCG, and Lord of the Rings.

When people collected and then stopped

We’ve got so many new cards for LOTR coming in from the first 12 sets. There is always a tipping point of when people collected and the cards are much easier to find vs when people stopped collecting and the game company printed much less and they overpowered the cards. You see this in just about every game. Two games where you see a lot of this happening are Lord of the Rings and VS System. When most people want to sell, they have those earlier sets. While there are good cards in those sets, the value is not nearly as high as for the later sets of these games. I was just thinking about this with all the new cards we have received recently and trying to figure out what we are going to do with them.

Always Buying

We are always buying cards and collectibles. Even if they aren’t from games currently on the site or products we currently carry. Some of the games we are buying right now that aren’t on the front page include Horus Heresy, Galactic Empires, Case Closed TCG, Heresy Kingdom Come, Kult, Quest for the Grail, and Zatch Bell.

Family Corner

The last email I sent out talked about my youngest son winning the city baseball championship. Flash-forward and he won the state championship. That is a big reason that I haven’t been posting these weekly emails is because we have had baseball games or practices almost every weeknight. They went 21-0 for the season overall. The state championship semi-finals was an easy win for his team, seeing a 15-0 blowout. The actual final was a different story. It was a close 3-2 nail-biter that went down to his team’s pitcher getting out of a situation with bases loaded and only one out. The pitcher through 6 straight pitches to strike out two batters to take home the title. The season has been a blast for my son and something he will always remember.

My daughter has been training for lacrosse with her head coach twice a week and playing in a summer league called Summer 7s. She started out last year as a freshman with zero experience playing the game to going into her sophomore year with lots of training. This should be a really fun year for her both in school and on the field.

My oldest is off to Arizona for a week to hang out with some of my cousin’s kids. Once he gets back, he starts golf tryouts and is getting ready for his senior year.

My house has been the hotel stop for family recently, we just went through three different sets of family members over the past three weeks and are glad to have our house back. It has been fun having all sorts of family in town, but it is also nice to have our space back.

Have a great week!

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