C1G Update for June 20, 2023: Jedi Knights, Conan, Lord of the Rings.

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Scott’s Thoughts!

Jedi Knights

I teased this two weeks ago and now we have Jedi Knights singles on the site. The buylist is up for the game and if you have extras, trade them in. This will help a lot of people finish collections for the game and if you find one of the 9 tournament foils, those have some value.


We finally have Conan singles on the site. Conan sealed product has been up for some time but we finally have singles for the game.

Middle Earth, Lord of the Rings, and Overpower recount/restock

We’ve been going through and recounting all of our inventory for Middle Earth. This has updated what we have and unearthed some really good cards including a Lidless Eye One Ring and The Wizards Unlimited One Ring.

Lord of the Rings has seen another massive restock of new products. This is from a buylist from Canada that has added a lot of new items. We are also decreasing the price of Rares where we have a large quantity in stock. You’ll see that discount generally on Rares with more than 8 in stock.

Overpower has seen a large restock of various cards for the game including many popular characters and cards needed for decks.

The One Ring!

While Magic’s Lord of the Rings set is getting all the attention right now, we had one lucky customer that pulled a Two Towers The One Ring foil out of a random pack. I posted his Facebook post at the top of the page. We are always happy to see people pull amazing cards like this from packs. It is a great reminder as to why we do this. We send people happiness. We want you to be excited while filling out your cart to the anticipation of waiting for it to arrive and then opening it and enjoying your new cards.

VS System

I’ve got a large collection of VS System that is coming to the site soon. This is from a local Utah resident that used to judge and play at the store I would play at. I don’t really recognize or remember him but we were at a lot of the same events. I hope to have this up on the site later this week.

Family Corner

Wow, my youngest son’s baseball team went undefeated this season and took home the city championship yesterday. They will go on and play regionals mid July and depending on how they do there, they would go on and play for the 5-6th grade state championship.

He’s been having a great summer so far. Not only has baseball been a blast for him, but he’s in tennis lessons and started in a speed camp that has already unlocked his running ability and made him much faster.

My daughter is enjoying some lacrosse camps and is happy to finally have a stick in her hands again.

My oldest is either working here pulling orders for C1G or he is on the golf course. His high school has a new golf coach and he is super pumped for the person they chose. He’s been playing with a few college coaches this summer looking to see if he can work his way into a scholarship.

My wife and I are hosting the book club we are part of. I got to suggest the book this last time and chose The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. I just love this book and am looking forward to talking to other people about how awesome it is. We are always looking for suggestions so if you have any books you think we should check out, let me know!

Have a great week!

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