C1G Update for May 2, 2023: Star Wars May the 4th be with you!

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Scott’s Thoughts!

New Room for More Games

The big benefit from the new office space is having room to work on buylists and grade cards. This past weekend I did two different live streams on YouTube, working on buylists and talking to people who are hanging out with me while doing so. Normally I spend that time watching YouTube channels, news, sports, or shows on a streaming platform but I wanted to enjoy time with other collectors and show off some of the cool stuff that was sent into the office.

The extra space has given me a space to have this permanently set up and I plan on doing future live streams of collection and buylists walkthroughs. This new space also gives me an area to work on more videos and content for YouTube and TikTok. These are two areas I plan on growing. One thing I might do is just livestream as we go through various games and talk about the game and update inventory and pricing with you guys. I’m just trying to see what you would like more of and what interests the different collector and player groups out there.

The new space has also given me an area to spread out and plan what games and categories are seeing updates. I’ll have more on that here in a bit.

New Inventory!

We’ve had massive collections come in for various games and I’m finally able to start working on them this week and that makes me really happy. Middle Earth is one of the first that will see some major updates, followed by Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, and X-Files. Look for a lot of new stock of these games over the next week.

VS System

My sorter has 8 of the 4-row boxes of VS cards currently. She said she had them all sorted by sets and the first box was all the way alphabetized as of Saturday evening. I haven’t heard back from here since. My guess is that we will have these back soon and will start adding them to the site. I’m so excited, this will be a huge boost in cards for the site and I’ve got something special coming to VS this summer that I’m really excited about.

Writer Strike

The Writers Guild of America is officially on strike as of last night. The last time they were on strike was 2007. Many of the great TV series at the time had to end their seasons early. The Office, Friday Night Lights, and Lost were all shows I was watching at the time that were impacted. This time, there is nothing that I watch weekly on TV besides Survivor and The Challenge, neither of which will be impacted. When the strike happened in 2007, unscripted and reality shows saw a huge boom. How will this current strike change how people watch their favorite shows or will it even have an impact? If anything, it will probably drive more people to YouTube, TikTok, and Netflix. Netflix has a deep library of shows, including many foreign shows that many people will try out for the first time. I personally need to get caught up on Yellowstone, finish 1883, and start 1923. I know that this will have very little impact to my current viewing habits, unlike in 2007 when most of us were still watching weekly shows through cable. If anything, it pushes writers to other avenues to earn income. Comic books and video games saw a lot of Hollywood talent enter those industries and provide new content and stories. Comics saw this boom in the late ‘10s and has seen a massive drop off in interest since. I’ll be curious to see how long this current strike lasts and the impact that it makes.

NFL Draft

Hopefully, you came out of the NFL draft feeling like your team got a boost. I’m a Titans and Cardinals fan. Every year, the Titans draft someone that has come off of knee or back surgery and will either miss time or not be able to stay healthy. This year we drafted a RB that does not have an ACL and the rest of the draft was meh. Sigh…..it’s going to be another tough year. The Cardinals hit it out of the park. I was so excited watching their draft and seeing the trades they were making. The expectation is that they will continue to ride Kyler Murray through this season, draft a QB in next year’s draft, have one more season with Murray as the starter, and then cut him loose.

NBA Playoffs

I’m a Suns fan, this is not going well. Chris Paul is hurt, the Suns are down 0-2. It doesn’t look like anyone but Durant and Booker can score. Oh boy. If anything, I’ve enjoyed watching Booker do everything he can to get out of the first round and try to keep the Suns in these past two games. Booker has taken his game to a different level and it’s been really enjoyable to watch. My wife’s family are all Warriors fans and so are my kids, blah. I’ll be curious to see how will handle this Lakers team. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching this Heat team and Jimmy Butler.

Family Corner

It’s hot here in Utah….finally. It’s been 80+ degrees the past few days and it should cool off over the next two weeks to be a very pleasant spring.

My oldest had a good time at prom this past weekend. He knew a girl from Arizona through golfing that he invited and she flew up and went to prom with him. They had a great time with a group of friends and she knew a few of the other kids at his school through various golf tournaments they had played in together. Now that it’s warmed up here, I barely see him outside of work between school and staying out as late as he can at the golf course.

My daughter has three lacrosse games left including one today. She’s had a blast learning the sport and making new friends on the team. She’s already looking to see what club teams she could join in the offseason.

My youngest had a single and got walked in his last baseball game. He’s got at least one game this week….I can’t remember if he has another one. He’s a 5th grader on a 5/6 grade team and many of his teammates are 6th graders and play on a travel team together, making it a bit intimidating for him. The key to kids’ baseball is if you have a pitcher or two on your team. If you don’t, it’s a long season. He’s got four kids on the team who all pitch really well. It’s making for some really enjoyable games so far this season.

I hurt my knee somewhere in the process of moving everything into this new office space. I’m going to see my doctor this Friday to take a look at it. He’s performed one of my three surgeries on my right knee and now this injury is on my left. I’ve mentally walked and taken stares differently for the past 24 years of my life because of knee issues with my right knee so I’m having to practice mental gymnastics to adjust to protecting my left leg now. Sigh. Hopefully, it isn’t something that will require surgery.

Have a great week!

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