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Scott’s Thoughts!

VS System

If you are looking at the picture at the top of this message, you’ll see the majority of new VS that is getting loaded into an Excel file and uploaded this week to the site. This is around 6 large priority mail boxes from one person. So far, we have around half of the DC sets uploaded to our file and will be working all week to try to get the full thing uploaded by this weekend. On top of that, we had many buylists this past weekend that had VS and three more of the 4-row boxes of VS to add. I think most VS fans are going to enjoy everything that is coming over the next few weeks.

Scrye, Inquest, Duelist, and Other Gaming Magazines!

We’ve seen around one full magazine box empty out over the past two weeks. The good thing is that we have a lot more magazines coming to the site. Nintendo Power, Wizard Magazine, Hero Magazine, etc. will all be joining soon. I just got in a massive box that I’ll film opening and going through so you can check out this amazing collection we picked up. This is a category I thoroughly enjoy working with and seeing the joy of our customers from getting these old magazines to enjoy.

Star Wars Japanese and Lord of the Rings

We’ve got a large Star Wars Japanese buylist that came in through one of our friends in the SWCCG community. I’m excited to see all of it hit the site. The Japanese ANH cards have already been added and now it is time to get Hoth and SW Premiere on there.

I’ve added just a few LOTR cards recently and there will be a huge amount of them coming over the next few days. Be on the lookout for that.

Family Corner

My family is taking a little trip to the bay area at the end of the month. My wife’s grandpa is turning 90 and they are doing a mini family reunion for him to meet many of the great grandchildren he has never met or hasn’t seen since they were little.

Have a great week!

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