C1G Update for April 25, 2023: Restock of WWE, LOTR, Star Wars, & VS System Incoming

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Scott’s Thoughts!

Office Space Completed

This past week has been hard physically. I’ve been moving all of our sealed inventory from our storage unit and my house to the new office space. You can see in the pictures above a view of what the space looks like and I’ll add a video to our YouTube channel as well. There are a few odds and ends that will still need to be moved into the office but for the most part, it is now fully operational.

New Inventory!

I’ve neglected buylists while setting up the new office space. The new space allows me to work on buylists at the office instead of having to do it at my home office since our regular office space has big windows that let in a lot of light. You can see the stack of boxes and packages we had accumulated over the past week in the image above and I was able to get to a few of these yesterday with a large stack still to go. Yesterday’s buylists included Rage, Dune, Star Wars CCG, Lord of the Rings, VS System, WWE Raw Deal, Babylon 5, and Overpower. I know the remaining buylists have similar items inside. I’ll share next week what all those included.

VS System

I dropped ten of the 4-row boxes of new VS off to my sorter yesterday. She expects to get these back to me this coming weekend and we should be able to start adding cards from them next week. We get a lot of VS System each month and it is always exciting to see what these large lots have in them.

Still looking to get to X-Files – Middle Earth – Lord of the Rings – World of Warcraft

These are games that we have collections of that we will start adding over the next few days. X-Files is up first. It’s two of the 4-row boxes completely full of cards from the various sets for the game. There has been a lot of interest growing in X-Files as the player group for the game has done a good job promoting events, a new fan-made set, and the game itself. There is a great learn-how-to-play video with really fun production on YouTube right now that you should check out if you have any interest in the game.

NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is this coming Thursday through Saturday. I used to get together with buddies in high school and watch the draft and we would have our own big boards of where players would be drafted. While I don’t go as in-depth anymore, it is an annual tradition in my house to have a draft party and enjoy the draft with family and friends. There is not a top consensus overall pick this year, with a few quarterback options near the top of the draft, making this draft really intriguing.

Family Corner

It has still been very cold in Utah. It is supposed to warm up this weekend and we really need it. We are holding a wedding party for a former employee in my backyard this weekend and I really need to be able to get new mulch and some yardwork done before then.

My oldest is itching to get out on the golf course while my daughter has done really well in lacrosse. They have four more games left for the season and I’m going to miss seeing her smile while she plays. My youngest is on a really good baseball team that has gone 2-0 to start the season. Baseball is a fun sport as a parent. You get a few times each game you can cheer for your kid and the rest of the time you can hang out and talk with the people you are with.

Have a great week!

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