Summer Updates

It’s hot here in Utah. I’m sure it’s hot where you are at and summer is in full effect. That means we are going to cool it off with some great discounts through the rest of June. 15% off of Doomtown, Legends of the Burning Sands and Overpower through the end of June. July will have 3 new games that are going to get a 15% discount, be on the lookout for that. Because of limitations with our website, you can’t have items from any other categories in your cart to receive that discount. As long as orders are only from those categories, that discount will show up at checkout.

We have been restocking and adding new games. Buylists have been coming in nearly non-stop, bringing lots of new cards to a variety of different games including 7th Sea Promos, VS System, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and many more. This includes a massive collection of Star Trek cards.

Warhammer 40K cards are now on the site including many of the harder-to-find Promo cards. This is a really cool-looking game and if you are a fan of the Warhammer universe, it’s a must.

RAGE singles are coming. They aren’t up yet but hopefully, it should be on within the next week. More games are coming with lots of exciting additions

We are going to be on a short vacation to South Dakota from June 28th through July 2nd. The website will still be taking orders but all orders placed during that time will start to be filled after July 3rd. We will be hitting up every game/comic/video game store along our drive and are looking for those out of print classic games.

July 15th-21st will be the same sort of situation. The hope is that we find some hidden gems to bring back to the site.



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