Spring Updates with C1G

The NFL draft is coming up this weekend. I’m a huge sports fan and I love seeing teams have a chance of rebuilding. It’s just like all the prep you would put in before an event or all the time you spend sorting in order to put that set together. It’s a chance to take something in one state and hopefully change it. I’m a Tennessee Titans and Arizona Cardinals fan, I don’t think there will be much that majorly impacts either team but I’ll be watching all 7 rounds with my family and friends.

Let us know how your team did in the draft. Were you happy with it or did you want them to pick someone else.

The draft his year is in a really strange spot. The top 15 players are basically going to help teams and then it’s completely up in the air. Only a percentage of players have gotten their medicals to all the teams, etc. Should make for an interesting draft with lots of trades.

It’s been a busy few weeks here at CategoryOneGames. We moved our office location, brought on a few new employees and have already outgrown this new office space. The hope is to grab the office space across from ours where an insurance company recently left and didn’t tell the landlord. If this happens, it will really open things up for us.

I plan on starting to make Youtube videos again. I’m looking for great topics and questions so send them in.

Part of our recent expansion is into new games and games/miniatures currently on the site.

Star Wars Miniatures has seen a huge inventory boost. Just about every set saw a large restock and there is more coming. We have spent a lot of our resources trying to get these all back in stock.

Vampire the Eternal Struggle is now on the site. Our inventory is deep for the first 10 or so sets and drops off as the game goes on. Our buylist will be updated for the game and we will be looking to buy/trade for cards from all sets. Images are being added to the sets as quick as we possibly can.

7th Sea has seen a huge update to the Promo cards to the game. We didn’t have a lot of the images for these promos but were able to scan the cards we’ve received. They have been selling quick so pick them up if you need them.

While not up and going yet, we acquired a massive Heroclix collection. This covers just about the whole run of the game, from the beginning up through around a year ago. Also included are multiple of the large figures. I’ve started the process of sorting these out but it will take some time to get these sorted and added to the site.

Other projects:
Lord of the Rings Restock happening now.
VS System – Huge restock will hit start of May. This is something that you will not want to miss. We are at 4 collections that we have purchased and working through.  Inventory will hit all at once as it will be CSV uploaded instead of uploaded set by set as we normally upload them.
WWE Raw Deal – We have two large collections that we just haven’t had time to fully sort out. We recently restocked Reversals and already have more to add. Once these are added, you’ll really like what’s here. Including two Rock Footstomps Throwbacks, etc. We are going through and adding images for the superstars of the game and will be updating images for all the other card types.
Battletech and X-Files – Both have massive amounts of Rares that need to be added. Look for this update hopefully by the end of April. Battletech already saw a massive update to the C/UC on the site.
Transformers TCG – saw a large restock recently, including the harder to find 5th set.

Upcoming Games:
Warhammer 40K – Ready to be added, just need to add final touches like images, etc.
WARS – Ready to be added, just need to add final touches like images, etc.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Ready to be added, just need to add final touches like images, etc.
Mythos and around 10 other games are almost ready to be added. It’s finding the space/time/etc. to get these on.



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