Lord of the Rings Fully In Stock

Lord of the Rings is back on CategoryOneGames.  We are proud to announce that we fully stock the Lord of the Rings TCG made by Decipher.

We are supper excited to get LOTR back on the site.  After playing Lord of the Rings on the GEMP system online, we have been really excited to start playing with the real cards again.

After going through all the cards, we noticed one big difference between LOTR and Star Wars cards.  LOTR cards must have been printed on much better card print than Star Wars.

You will find that most of the Rares on the site are in NM-/Excellent+ condition.  The thing that I kept noticing is that the Front of cards were often in Mint condition while the back is what drove the card down to the next grade value.  Most LOTR cards show scratching very easily on the back of the card, this is attributed to the black backs which easily pick up scratches.

It takes a lot of use to actually show wear on the front image of the LOTR cards, which is something you didn’t see as much with Star Wars cards.

If you are looking for cards for a set, you can easily get great looking cards without flaws on the front to sit in your binder and pay a lower price.

One thing you’ll notice is that we are carrying every set but two of them right now.  The reason being is that we don’t have any cards from those sets.  WE NEED THEM.

If you have extra LOTR cards, you can go to our buyback system and trade in your cards for 88% credit or trade them in for cash.

We really are looking for NM or NM-/Excellent+ LOTR cards.  If you have cards that are in played condition, we will take them, we will just pay less for them.

On top of LOTR Singles, we have plenty of other cool items including Boxes, Starter Decks, Binders, OTSD Boxes, Anthology Boxes and Full Sets, including Foil Sets.

Speaking of Foils, you’ll notice an absence of Foils from sets 1-8 and 10 on the site.  These are coming, we just haven’t had a chance to get what we have on the site.  The same goes for foreign language cards.  We have LOTS of foreign language cards from the first six sets.

Get out those old decks and set lists out and get over to CategoryOneGames and fill in those missing pieces or build that new deck you’ve always wanted to try.

The full list of Lord of the Rings sets include:

Fellowship of the Ring
Mines of Moria
Realms of the Elf-Lords
The Two Towers
Battle of Helm’s Deep
Ents of Fangorn
Return of the King
Siege of Gondor
Mount Doom
Black Rider
Expanded Middle Earth
The Hunters
Wraith Collection
Rise of Saruman
Treachery and Deceit
Ages End



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