Lord of the Rings Promos

After having Lord of the Rings on CategoryOneGames for less than two weeks we have nothing but WOW!  We have had plenty of players filling in holes in their collections while also receiving many buy orders to help us restock the sets we were low on.

We have been able to add some of the missing Promotional cards, Expanded Middle Earth, The Rise of Saruman and Treachery and Deceit to our buylist.  Already we have had well over 1,200 cards offered to us and hope to have plenty of cards restocked.

We will be adding more Boxes and Sets to the site over the next few weeks and will

The best part about getting these cards back in stock is that we can provide the best card selection for You.  Once we have some of the singles back in from those missing sets, they will show as available on the main site.

Not to be left out Star Wars is still going strong on the site with restocks happening often.  Since launching Japanese cards on the site, we have had lots of interest from both buyers and sellers.  The best part has been helping people finish off sets it has taken them years to complete.  We carry the largest amount of Star Wars Japanese cards in one place on the internet.

We just got in four file cabinet boxes full of Star Wars cards mainly from Premiere and A New Hope.  These cards are in Pristine Mint condition, I haven’t seen anything like this since 1995.  We will be going through these and adding these cards to the site shortly.

With all these great additions to the site, we are still looking forward to adding more great games to the site and giving you the best service any online card store has ever provided.



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