Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

One of my memories as a kid was sitting and watching my older cousin of seven years play Final Fantasy III at my Grandma’s house on the Super Nintendo. I was enthralled by the music, the bright sprites, the story that was so engrossing. A girl that was enslaved and made to work for an evil empire and the heroic thief that saves her and brings her to the resistance.  The story was beautiful and I was hooked.

Final Fantasy the TCG has sold over 3.5 million booster packs in Japan since it was originally introduced and it’s finally being released in the European and American markets for the first time this September.
You can reserve boxes, packs and starter decks all at CategoryOneGames right now. We have our order locked in with our distributor and word from the publisher is that the first printing is already sold out. I’ve tried upping my original order and I’m being told that the next printing will not be released until November. This game is going to be hot here in the US.

The layout for the game looks like this:

  • 2 Players
  • 186 Cards to collect in the first set
  • Average Play Time is 20 minutes
  • Booster Packs contain 12 cards including 1 foil card
  • Boxes contain 36 packs
  • Starter Sets include 50 cards, 1 paper playmat and 1 set of rules
  • Each starter contains 30 exclusive cards
  • There are 3 different type of starters; FFVII, FFX, FFXIII

CategoryOneGames is going to fully support this game. I’m so excited to see Final Fantasy finally in a card game form. We will carry singles soon as we know the set list and will be previewing cards soon as they are released. Yes you can find set lists for the Japanese sets but from what I’ve been told, it will not be released in the same order and card images/text could be different.

Make sure you make CategoryOneGames your home for Final Fantasy TCG.



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