I once sold Star Wars cards

I’ve been selling Star Wars CCG online since April of 1998. That all changed this June when the Star Wars Players Committee officially bought all CategoryOneGames inventory for the game and are now selling it in their online store.

First off, we are not closing, CategoryOneGames still continues to sell all other classic cards games just like it always has. There will be more games added to the site and are continuing to build the inventory and structure of games presently on it.  Just right now we went through and added a few collections worth of Star Trek 2E to the site and re-inventoried everything so that it is currently up to date and fully stocked.

When I decided it was time to move Star Wars CCG it needed to go somewhere that it wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle and would provide a way for players to still easily get cards for the game. There was no better choice than the Star Wars PC.

I’ll post the video below with the initial announcement and explanation. If you haven’t checked out our other videos on Youtube, please do so. I’ve tried to get a variety of videos showing collectors tips, Box/Collection breaks, how to play Star Wars CCG on GEMP and so on. If you have any other suggestions, comment and we will try to make it happen.

If you haven’t liked our Facebook page, you’ll want to do so. We post news, updates and discount codes exclusively there. Look for an August discount code posted only on our Facebook page.




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