The New Blog

The Blog is Back.  We haven’t been able to post for a while as the blog was moved over to a new system and we updated a few other items to make the blog a place where people can comment and discuss topics.

You’ll notice that the blog and CategoryOneGames have a lot of new features including the merger of the blog with CategoryOneGames main site.  You can switch between the blog and the card site at any time.  CategoryOneGames now has social media links on the right hand side that links to our Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Pinterest and Youtube pages.  When you click on a blog post you can leave comments and discuss the article on different social media sites.

Even though there hasn’t been much activity on the blog, there have had a lot of things going on with the main website.  We have continued to add product and will continue to do so moving forward.  Over the next little bit, we will look at a lot of the items we have been adding to the site that are available for purchase.  We will also be getting back to talking more about comics and other gaming topics.



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