Star Wars Set Icons – Basics of the Game

Star Wars CCG was released in the early days of card games.  This was long before numbers, set names and rarity were easily visible on cards either by having them printed on the card or by a color system.

The key way to identify cards is through their set icon located in the top right corner of the card.  In order to help those that are new to the game, we are posting all the set icons with a little bit of information for each set.

Premiere was the first set released for the game in 1995.  This set did not have an icon and was left blank.

A New Hope‘s set icon replicates the dual that Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi had on the Death Star.  Released in 1996, ANH was the set that brought the Death Star to the SW CCG


Hoth is the first set that is represented by the planet of the same name.  The planet Hoth represents this 1996 set.


Dagobah was the set that introduced Bounty Hunters and the ability to train Luke to become a Jedi.  Released in 1997, Yoda’s eye represents this set.


Cloud City is represented by a cloud car in this 1997 release.



Jabba’s Palace follows the trend started by Dagobah, using Jabba’s eye as the icon for this 1998 released set.


Special Edition brought a lot of new ways to play the game with new starting Objectives.  1998 saw the set that accelerated the game and the ignition of a lightsaber as the set icon.


Endor is where things got really fun for most Star Wars players.  Able to play AT-ST’s and land your rebels, this 1999 release uses the shield generator satellite dish as the set icon.


Death Star II was known as the Golden Period of SWCCG.  Players loved the game in 2000.  Force Lighting first made it’s appearance in this set and the sets icon reflects that card.


Tatooine released in 2001 with a yellowish desert looking icon.

Coruscant was represent by multiple dots on the set icon.  Released in 2001, this set marks the premiere of politics in Star Wars.

Theed Palace released in 2001 as the last set released for Star Wars CCG.  Theed Palace used a Naboo Fighter as the set icon.

Premium cards range from Enhanced sets to Anthology sets.  The icon is a solid white looking planet.



Reflections II Premiums each have the icon from Agents of the Black Sun as their icon.

Reflections III Premiums have an image of Darth Maul holding his lightsaber.



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    1. Kucluk

      Haha the memories. I got to see Star Wars in a thteear in Akadem Gorodok outside Novosibirsk in late March/early April, 1991, during a student exchange. It was awesome, it was the only movie I remember seeing that had dubbing for all the voices, instead of a depressing baritone reading the script. Even quality offerings like Back to the Future part III were the depressing guy. The only movies I remember seeing in the thteears at all were American like Josh Brolin’s 1986 mega-blockbuster Thrashin’.I don’t remember any posters, though. I do remember getting home and a few days later seeing the tanks roll into the Kremlin. Impeccable timing.

  1. admin Post author

    Chris that makes a lot of sense, thanks for posting that information. What is the Coruscant symbol supposed to be? It still bothers me that the 2-Player Premiums don’t have the Premiums icon on them.

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