Star Wars Uncut Sheets and Card Boxes

CategoryOneGames provides some of the coolest and rarest Decipher released items.  Just added to the site are Uncut Sheets, Card Boxes and Championship Binders.   In addition to these cool items, the Posters and Rule Book area have pictures for each of the items.

Cloud City Enhanced

Uncut Sheets are some of the coolest card collecting items you can find.  CategoryOneGames not only has Uncut Sheets for common and uncommon sets, but also has some of the hardest to find Uncut Sheets ranging from Cloud City Enhanced, Tatooine Light Side Rares, Endor Dark Side Rares and other Rare sheets.  These are some of the coolest items you can get for a Star Wars fan.  Having one of these framed is what every Man Cave needs.  You’ll notice that the condition will show as played on CategoryOneGames.  The reason being is that most of these sets show scratching on the individual card fronts and backs but you have to be looking close to see these, it is not something you immediately notice when you first start looking at these.

Darth Vader OTSD Top

Some of the most popular items that Decipher ever released are the Anthology and OTSD boxes.  Between storing your Star Wars cards and a box that fit your decks perfectly to take to events, these have become some of the most requested items at CategoryOneGames.  These are now in stock and ready for purchase.  Because of the high demand for box  bottoms, they will be sold separately than the tops.  Because the tops were made out of stronger material, they often lasted much longer than the bottoms did.  The bottoms wear out faster and because of that, most gamers need to replace the bottom long before they need to replace the top.

In addition to the OTSD added to CategoryOneGames, Anthology boxes have been added to the site.  A lot of gamers ask me if we have empty Anthology boxes in stock and now we do.  You can pick between all three of the Anthology sets (Scott’s personal favorite is the 3rd Anthology box).  Because of the awkward size of this item, the price on it has to take into account the shipping on these.  The biggest problem is that they don’t fit into a Flat Rate Box, making them more expensive to ship than most items.

If your looking to store your trade cards in a unique binder, 1997 and 1998 Decipher Card binders are currently in stock.

Some of the coolest items in stock have finally gotten pictures to go along with them.  The Rule Books and Promotional Posters now have images to go along with them.  This will help you figure out what your getting and be able to see exactly how cool that Boba Fett or Endor fold out poster will look on your wall.

Come check out all these Exciting new items on CategoryOneGames.



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