Star Wars Search Features

If you were on CategoryOneGames this past weekend you might have seen some crazy things going on.  In order to update the site, sets were pulled from the site and then put back on the site.  When they were put back on the site, the new Search Features were in place.

When you click on a set now, you can search for Rarity, Side and Card Types.  Bellow each cards name will be a small bar that now contains this information.  You can click on the rarity shown for that card and it will bring up each card with that same rarity within the set.  The same goes for the side and card type.

You can also search specifically for all Rares by typing it into the Rarity search field at the top of the page.  To search for Rares you would just type R, Commons is C and Uncommons is U.  It is that easy.

You can much more easily find the cards you are looking for.
In addition to the changes mentioned above, we reorganized how we have Commons and Uncommons listed on the site.  Because of the amount of Commons and Uncommons that we have, the time it takes to grade each card would kill us and make it so we couldn’t make any additional updates to the site.

To save time, we have grouped all Commons/Uncommons into a grade of Bulk NM/Played.  This allows us to put a certain amount of each common and uncommon on the site and put the rest into our bulk boxes you can buy.  The cards that we pull aside for the site are the best available from what we have to choose from.

An example of this is a card like It Could Be Worse.  We would pull 40 of these aside for the site and then stick the extra 30 or so aside to go into Bulk Boxes.  The 40 we would pull aside from the site would be the best looking as we sorted through them and counted out 40.  This way the cards you get in Bulk NM/Played are generally going to be closer to NM than Played.

This also let us separate out Com/Uncom from how we grade Rares and therefore keep the inventory separate which makes our lives much easier.

The next big thing we are working here at CategoryOneGames is the 22 boxes of Commons and Uncommons that we are just now done sorting and plan on adding to inventory over the next week.  Look for many of the cards that we were out of to be back in stock.



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