Japanese Star Wars Sets

Japanese Star Wars Singles are now in stock at CategoryOneGames.com.

You can find all five sets that were made in Japanese in stock.  You might be wondering how it could be five sets.  Most people know that Premiere, A New Hope and Hoth were all made into Japanese sets, but don’t realize that 2 more sets were printed in Japanese.

Both of the 2-Player White Border sets were released in Japanese: Premiere 2-Player Game in 1997 and The Empire Strikes Back 2-Player Game in 1998.  You can find White Border versions of some of your favorite Japanese cards including Chewie and a WB Leia in Japanese that is one of the hardest cards in the game to find.

The fact that these cards are White Border and Japanese makes for amazing looking cards.

Not only are we selling Japanese cards, but we want to buy your collection or singles of Japanese cards.  You can see the sets in our Buylist.  We have not fully updated our Buylist of Japanese cards but it will be fully update shortly.



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