November Notes

November has always been one of my favorite months with Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. Spending time with family and reflecting on the things that make life great. It’s also a fun month for sports, shopping, and food.

CategoryOneGames has had a busy October and November. We’ve added a few new games including Wheel of Time, Spycraft, Harry Potter, and Tomb Raider. We are trying to update inventory and images for games on the site that do not have them or incorrect images currently in place. By year’s end, we should have around 4 to 6 new games on the site with many more lined up.

Around mid August I was looking at all these cards boxes on our top storage racks of games that had not been sorted and had just been sitting for some time. It hit me that we need to get these into the players and collectors hands of these different games. I hired over ten new sorters that have taken cards and organized these different games by set and alphabetically. Some of them will continue to add images for cards or continue to work on mixing in existing inventory with new inventory.

Just about everything is back in my hands where I’m probably bottle necking the process. I then need to put together set lists with rarity, find images, count inventory, figure out pricing, take and upload that all to the website and then get the images attached to all of the different cards. It’s a process but we are moving through it and hopefully everything moves smoothly as we add these new games.

These are just a few notes regarding specials and updates to the site.

  1. There will be specials going on from November 23rd through the 30th. Specials will be broken into three different blocks: 23rd-25th, 26/27th, and 28th-30th. Look for some great deals.
  2. December you will receive a Promo or Pack of cards for every $50 you spend on an order during the month. A $300 order would receive 6 Promos or Packs for example.
  3. I’m trying to get a lot of our various games sorted before this Thanksgiving week sale. Card sets have been sent out to different sorters so if your order is not shipping as quickly this week, it’s because some of the cards must be getting sorted and I’ll get them out soon as I get those cards back. Basically, when new inventory comes in, it goes at the front of the box facing backward and it will eventually be mixed with the existing inventory. Some sets, VS System Marvel Evolution, for example, has a larger backward-facing section than forward so pulling orders can be a pain, so we need to get these all sorted so we can easily find cards for orders. This should help reduce oversold or missing cards. We’ve already received all of our Lord of the Rings inventory back and a few other games that have greatly increased our pull times for these games.
  4. I’ve been adding a lot of inventory recently for various games. VS System MOR, MSM, MAV, and MXM will all see big inventory boosts this week. I’m also recently purchased a few different collections from different people some of these will be very high-end collections, I think you’ll enjoy what comes out of these.
  5. Dune – I’m adding more inventory to the game and also updating the images. A general image was used that hopefully was the correct one for the game when we first launched it, we are in the process of scanning and updating these images right now. This same process will apply to WWE Raw Deal very shortly.
  6. USPS raised funds recently and will be raising them again in January. Because of this, the free First Class shipping discount within the US now starts at $35 from the previous $30. Just wanted to make you aware of that change.
  7. I’m still trying to work out the discount tiers for the Thanksgiving sale. I’ll either do lower total discounts and everyone will be able to use their customer rewards towards what they purchase or I’ll remove the customer rewards during that week and do higher overall discount tiers. I’ve been going back and forth on this. Let me know what you think.
  8. We’ve been sending out a coupon code with orders this month that lasts until November 23rd and gives you 10% off any one order. Make sure you get to use that before the coupon expires.