C1G Update For February 7, 2023: Restock 2.0 Coming This Week.

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Scott’s Thoughts!

It never ends

While the site continues to add new games through our buylist, I’ve been negotiating with a lot of different sellers about picking up their collections of various games. The last two weeks we have dropped over $20K on collections, sealed product, supplies and much more. This includes lots of sealed product from various games and singles from Battletech CCG, World of Warcraft TCG, 7th Sea, VS System, Star Wars CCG, card sleeves and much more. You’ll continue to see buylist stock added to the site but these collections aren’t going to start showing up until after the 14th, at that point, check out our social media feeds and this email each week as these get added to the site.

Sad to see them go

Someone picked up a box of Vampire the Eternal Struggle Premiere Booster Box and RAGE Premiere Booster Box. I’ve had these in stock for a little while and it was always fun to be able to look at CCG history on my shelf. This past week saw them leaving for a new home and it was a little sad to see this part of history leave our shelves.

Board Matt interview

I’ve been on the Board Matt Youtube channel twice recently to discuss Star Trek 1st Edition and 2nd Edition. Check them out for an entertaining look at the top ten cards for each and let me know what you would put in your top ten. 2nd Edition got a little spicy!

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