C1G Update For January 24, 2023: A Look Back At Last Year.

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Scott’s Thoughts!

Thanks for a great 2022

I wanted to share some info from 2022 accounting from C1G.

We paid out over $179,000 to the community of gamers and collectors for cards they sent in through our buylist on our website. This does not include the amount paid for collections of various games.

This helped people pay bills, go on vacations, put money away for weddings, for a new house, open a business, plan for children, repair or buy a car, etc. Very cool to see the good this was able to do in many ways that people shared with us.

We added over $73,500 in store credit to accounts last year and people used over $71,500 in store credit on orders.

People saved over $56,000 in coupons last year on our site between the return customer discount, holiday coupons, OneTimeTen, etc.

We were able to ship to over 40 countries with around 1,000 international orders throughout the year. We really do have a global community of gamers and collectors.

Thanks again for the great 2022!

Collections Galore

This week has been the week of collections. Between our normal buylist, we bought one VS collection and added it last week. This week we have two VS collections that have come in, purchased a Battletech collection that will take a little while to get her from overseas, and are looking at another collection that I’m hoping we can snag. It will turn out really well if we are able to pick it up.

Inquest videos on Youtube

The Inquest walk-through videos have restarted and are being released every Friday. Tune into our Youtube channel as these will be coming out each Friday for the next few weeks. We had to drop Tuesday as things are just too busy to keep a two a week schedule at this time.

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