C1G Update for February 14, 2023: Battletech, Supplies, and Boxes

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Scott’s Thoughts!


We used to offer a lot of card sleeves and supplies on the site. That all changed in 2020 when supplies became scarce and we were having to pull card sleeves off of cards still in inventory just to send out orders. Luckily that didn’t last all that long but we did have to do it for a few weeks. You can see all of the new BCW slick and matte sleeves we have in stock here.

New Games

We have a bunch of new games hitting the site soon. This is because we came into a large amount of sealed product for these games. This includes Star Wars Pocketmodel, Bleach, Cardfight! Vanguard, Spoils, Force of Will, etc. Look for these over the next few days as they are added to the site.


This week saw two different Battletech collections hit the site. This restocked and saw quick sales of many of the top cards from the two collections. We have another BT collection that should be in any day now.

7th Sea, World of Warcraft and more.

I’ve got a collection of 7th Sea, World of Warcraft and a few other games currently sitting in the two boxes they were mailed in on my office floor. I haven’t had a chance to get these out and get them to our sorters. They will most likely start hitting the site around next week when you get next weeks email.

Lord of the Rings

There is a really nice LOTR collection we have started working on. We are inventorying it and then paying the seller so that we know what he had and get them full value for their collection. I’m hoping this will also be on the site early next week.

Holiday Weekend

I’m taking my family on a quick holiday weekend, leaving Friday through Monday night. Monday is President’s Day in the US and the post office will be closed so we wouldn’t be able to get orders out that day anyways. All orders placed during that time will start being filled Tuesday and hopefully, everything will be out by Wednesday.

Have a great week and holiday weekend!

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