C1G Update for March 28, 2023: Star Trek Picard driving Star Trek CCG Sales

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Scott’s Thoughts!

This week saw a huge bump in overall sales related to some very popular properties, time to dive in.


Season 3 of Star Trek Picard is drawing fans of the franchise that have been missing the feel of The Next Generation series. Season 1 and 2 of Picard were okay to bad, respectively. Season 3 is completely different.

The shows overwhelming success has gotten people interested in Star Trek cards at a level we generally only see related to Star Wars. This is strongly driven by collectors, looking to get that enjoyment from these character’s cards or to speculate on investments.

The past two weeks have seen people picking up every main character, Ro Laren, Geordi, Worf, and Riker cards have been targeted specifically. With rumors of a spinoff series based on Riker and Seven of Nine. This doesn’t mean that players are also not enjoying all of these cards as well. We have seen smaller investment type of orders while also seeing larger 800 card orders, getting everything needed to build decks and be creative with the game.

Star Wars TCG

You generally hear of Star Wars CCG because the player and collector group for the game is so vocal. What you don’t hear about as often, but has just as large of a collector base, is Star Wars TCG. The TCG by Wizards of the Coast has many large, beautiful pictures/images that you can only find in this game. The TCG has many copies of main characters and covered Episodes 1 and 2 while the Decipher game only had a few sets with Episode 1. We saw our inventory for the TCG get blitzed this past weekend as we had multiple 100 card orders for the game including one 1,000+ card order. The interest level for the game is very high right now.

Heroclix Spider-Man Beyond Amazing

This is on our site and ready to be picked up! Get the figures you want for it before they sell out. This is a very popular set with many collectors and players trying to finish collections and get what they need for play.

BoardMatt Youtube Channel

I’ll be on an upcoming video on Matt’s channel talking about the Middle Earth CCG. I’ve got a discount code for you near the end of the video that you should be watching for. Matt’s really fun to talk to and getting out these Middle Earth cards made me want to talk a lot more about the game. Look for future videos on the CategoryOneGames youtube channel where I cover the cards from the various Middle Earth sets and a few of the player books and other cool items.

Pricing Update

This past week saw pricing updates for various games including; Dark Age, Fight Klub, Monty Python, Star Wars Minis, Survivor and the Transformers TCG. Many of these games saw a decrease in pricing. The more common cards for these various games saw a decrease in pricing while set 3 of Fight Klub, Wave 5 Ultra Rares for Transformers and The Australian Outback cards for Survivor all saw a bump up in our sales price, which also means we increased our buying price on these to a much higher level. We want to get more of these games in stock so if you have extras, look at our buylist.

Star Wars Miniatures continues to see a big fan community of collectors and players that are adding custom figures. I’ve recently seen Mandalorian/Grogu figures and cards that fit right into the game to the same scale as the original figures.

New Office Space

We should be able to move into our new space on April 1st. This will let us expand, add a lot more inventory, hire on additional help and continue to add products and new games to the site. I’m really looking forward to this and the doors it will open up. I’m hoping that I can get most of this new space set up this weekend and start next week with a whole new layout.

Family Corner

Connor, the oldest, is going to Boston on Wednesday through early next week with his high school student council group. They are seeing a Redsox and Celtics game while taking in many of the historical sites. He’s my right hand man in C1G so it is always a bit scary when he isn’t available to help out with orders and things related to the business.

My daughter is loving lacrosse. The game is fast, there is a lot of scoring, she can be physical, and she’s made great friends. I never expected her signing up for the sport to be such a game changer for her. 

My youngest finished with the Lion King play at school this past week and had 5 great performances. He’s now ready for the snow to melt so that they can start practicing baseball. We don’t start games for another few weeks but haven’t been able to get any practices in with his new team because of the weather. He’s our only family member left with a team in the NCAA tournament. Picking Miami wasn’t such a bad idea in a year where none of the top teams are in the final four.

I just finished an application for a Masters program that I’ll tell you about if I’m accepted. It could be a really great experience to help grow C1G and I hope that is the route that we can go. If not, there is another program that I am looking at but that would probably be something more in the future.

My wife and I have really been listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac recently. Their 1997 The Dance Full Concert on Youtube is an amazing album and I highly recommend giving it a watch if you haven’t ever seen it before or its been a while. https://www.youtube.com/@boardmatt

Have a great week!

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