X-Files CCG The Truth is Out There

When TV shows end, they usually are not resurrected for a six episode special fourteen years later. X-Files is trying to find the truth in a new six episode series on Fox starting January 24th. Just like X-Files, older CCGs never die at CategoryOneGames.  The original CCG was released by US Playing Card Company in the summer of 1996 while the X-Files TV show was at it’s height of popularity.  The Truth Is Out There set was released in June 1997. It reprinted the original set with a different color border and twenty new Rare cards that were not in the original set. The third and last set was released just a month later in July of 1997.  101361 is often referred to as the Mulder set as the numbers are a reference to his birthday.

There were a few more releases planned including a Scully set called 22364 and Pewter Mulder and Scully cards. I don’t know what these looked like but supposedly they were at Gen Con 1997. The game was cancelled even though the Scully set was supposedly fully designed. It’s surprising these haven’t leaked at some point just like the Aliens vs Predator and WARS third sets and Reflections Gold for Star Wars eventually were leaked.

You can view our video below covering the X-Files game showing the Rares we currently have and are now in stock at CategoryOneGames.



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