Sailing the 7th Sea

A new addition to CategoryOneGames is the classic pirate game, 7th Sea made by AEG. While I personally have never played the game, I’m excited to help others finish their collections, get the last few cards for a deck or introduce new players to a game they want to try out. It’s a game I kept a starter deck on hand at each event I went to, hoping that someone was playing this and they could teach me how to play.

The game is new on our site and we do not currently have a huge inventory and I know some cards are missing. Just like Doomtown, there are starter deck reprints of cards that did not show up in the official¬†setlists and I’m going to have to add these cards to the sets they are in. Some of the sets are missing from our setlist and that is because we don’t have any cards for them or they simply haven’t been added yet, but they will be soon.

We have the game on our buylist and you can trade or sell your cards to us, getting an extra 50% bonus in trade value on each card. This is a game that I hope to grade the Rares for eventually but for now, we are just listing each card as played. Most of our inventory is in really good condition so if you are buying it, you are getting nicer card conditions than what you would expect.

While we don’t have sealed product listed as available or for purchase, we are looking to buy sealed product for the game so if you have some, please contact us at

I hope that there are cards that can help your collection and I’m excited to see this game grow on our site as we add more cards.

For a full breakdown of how the game plays and the background to it, you can visit this Wikipedia article covering the game.




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