Transformers TCG and Insecticons Deck Intro

CategoryOneGames has been diving into the Transformers TCG and loving every second of it. There are multiple deck types to play, many different options for deck construction and so many of our favorite Transformers to play around with. The game is easy enough for kids to play it and in depth enough to keep the most advanced gamer interested.

Right now, the meta is based around, Trucks, Tanks, Planes, Spaceships, Insecticons, and Dinobots. You can mix and match characters if you don’t want to play in one specific area but there are support cards for each one of these groups. If you are looking to start playing the game, you need to start watching our videos on YouTube.

The first video we are made is covering one of the top builds in the game, Insecticons:

We will continue to do Box openings for the game and deck breakdowns as well as continuing to bring many reviews of different games to our channel.

You can find singles for the game on our website or sell cards to us through our buylist.

Let us know what decks are popular in your area. What’s the meta like? Let us know if there are any questions you have about the game and happy shopping. 




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