Quick Update

We are working hard behind the scenes.  Tons of updates to Star Wars CCG across all sets. Every set but Premiere and A New Hope have seen deep updates and those two sets are going to be fully updated by the end of Sunday.

Doomtown has seen a huge boost with restocks on just about every Rare and lots of Com/Uncom that were out of stock.  Look for this game to continue to get strong updates. We finally got a lot of pictures for the game and will be updating cards to include the picture. This is something we are really excited about and should make your shopping experience much easier.

Lord of the Rings and Star Trek have seen cards restocked.  Look for Huge restocks of both games over the summer. It will will huge stock boosts that will give you plenty to choose from.

FullMetal Alchemist is seeing a huge update to what is on the site. The Premiere set was taken off a while ago because of inventory issues with the Rares from the set. Those are about to be fixed and Premiere will be available again.  All other sets are seeing updates as well.

My Little Pony’s second set is going to have their Com/Uncom fully updated so that it has all the correct inventory. The first two sets are still selling very strong.

Aliens Vs. Predator has received a lot of interest and we are still sorting through all the cards we showed in our video on the game.

Look for cards for the game to be on the site by the end of the month. We are continuing to update the cards so that each image will be showing.



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