C1G Update for May 8, 2024: RAGE, Star Wars CCG Early Sets, Illuminati, Battletech & More

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Scott’s Thoughts

Two days straight of snow in Utah. While it has been light and hit and miss during the day, it’s May. Who isn’t ready for summer weather.

While it might be cold outside, it has been busy in the C1G offices. From massive restocks for multiple games to pushing out 500 card orders.

You’ll find a lot of new stuff on the site if you haven’t looked in a while.

Star Wars CCG This week saw a lot of cards from earlier sets restocked. This includes many higher grades for cards like Anakin’s Lightsaber and General Veers back in stock.

Illuminati saw a large restock across the various sets for the game. We had a few big orders go out this week for the game and a large restock through a buy list right afterward.

Battletech Premiere saw a large restock with multiple rares and needed C/UC added to the site.

Lord of the Rings One of our staff members is redoing inventory counts for the game and came across a huge amount of Foils for Fellowship of the Ring that were not listed on the site. Once those were listed, many of them went flying out in orders. Look for more finds as we continue to update inventory for the game.

Cyberpunk We don’t see cards come in all that often for the game but two different people sent in cards through buy lists this past week. It was nice to open up singles for both the 2013 and 2020 sets for the game.

Wildstorms saw a big update to just about every set this week including some of the Marvel/WS crossover cards.

Overpower had a decent chunk of Character and Specials cards added over the past two days. Look for these to move quickly.

Jedi Knights Plenty of new Jedi Knights cards landed on the site. If you are trying to finish off your L/R/1st Day/Silver/Gold prints, take a look to see if we picked up anything you are missing.

Arcadia King Ironheart’s Madness and The Wyld Hunt both saw new cards added. I’m not too familiar with the game but I have enjoyed looking at the cards and trying to figure out what they do.

Rage saw a restock across all sets for the game. I always love helping out the Rage fans who really enjoy this game and helping them finish off collections or building decks.

Family Corner:

Only one game of baseball this week. Hopefully, the weather is nice for it and not too cold.

This is the last week for lacrosse which is always a bummer. After a dominating win yesterday, the season will wrap up Thursday at an away game.

Have a great week!

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