C1G Update for May 15, 2024: Star Wars CCG, OTSD Boxes, Dr Who, and Overpower.

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Scott’s Thoughts

We get in a lot of buy lists each week. One of the big things we say on our buy list page is not to send in cards that smell like cigarette smoke. We don’t want to have them in our office, people don’t want to buy them, we can’t do much with them. Around 2-3 times a year we receive a package that you can just smell as you open the outside packaging and the cards just waft through our office. I generally close the box and send an email to the person that sent the cards. At least once a year, we never hear back from this person.

Last year it was a massive collection of Lord of the Rings that would have been really nice. A lot of higher end cards from the last few sets with a payout of around $2,000 if the cards had been NM. I emailed the person…..nothing. I called the phone number they provided and it was a business that did not have someone by the name on the account working there. I posted in the Lord of the Rings Facebook group asking if anyone knew of this person. Still nothing. After a few months, I just returned the box back to the address provided. I never heard from the person. It was somewhere in Indiana if I remember correctly.

Here we are again with another package from Quebec, Canada this time. High end Star Wars CCG cards for over $1k in buy list value in NM condition. I’ve tried emailing them….nothing. They haven’t tried contacting me even though it has been sitting here for two months and I’ve canceled the buy list, they would have received an email…..still nothing. I’m going to post in the Star Wars group to see if anyone knows of this person and hopefully, someone does. This is one of those awkward situations as a business owner that I don’t really have a good way to resolve the situation. For this order, I don’t even have an address for them that they provided when they created their account. I don’t have anywhere to send these back to. I can list them as damaged on the site and pay the person accordingly but I don’t believe our customers want to buy cards that smell like smoke at damaged pricing. A lot of the time, we just throw these cards away which is a shame. Here’s to hoping someone can help me find this person in the SWCCG group.

Dr. Who This is a game you don’t hear me talking about all that often. We added this to the site last year and immediately some of the Doctors sold out. We just got in a nice buy list that had many of the Doctors included. You’ll want to pick these up before someone else does.

Overpower We got in some nice Character and Specials cards for the game this past week. This is one of those games that looks to be somewhat back in print and many people still love to play and collect the game.

VS System Saw a large restock this past week of various sets. Plenty of cards were picked up right away but there are still plenty of new cards available and ready for deckbuilding.

Star Wars CCG Plenty of new cards this past week landed back in stock and look for even more as we have a few buy lists that I’ll be working on that will add a lot of cool things including OTSD Boxes Tops back to the site.

Babylon 5 This game needed a pricing adjustment and saw a massive update this past week. Many of the higher end cards went down in price and you’ll be able to pick up more at a lower price.

Lord of the Rings Has seen a huge price update. Many of the sets pre-Fellowship had already received this pricing update and we finally updated the rest of the sets afterwards. We also have heavily discounted played condition versions of cards where we have a lot in stock. Look for more cards added for the game this next week.

Family Corner:

School is almost out. What a relief. My kids have been so excited to start their summer. Lacrosse is done. Baseball has around another couple of weeks. We are ready for a nice summer off. My youngest son who plays baseball has been one of his team’s top players this season. It has been a blast to see and he has loved it. His hitting has been incredible and he’s really taken to first base. He was the youngest kid on his team last year and didn’t get as many opportunities. He is one of the older boys this year and enjoying his chance to play infield and bat 4th in the lineup. It has been so much fun to watch.

Have a great week!

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