VS System

VS System has to be one of our favorite games here at CategoryOneGames and we are super pumped to have the full run of VS System on our site. For years we have only had a few DC sets but it’s now fully on there. The buylist is setup, we are buying and trading for cards from the game from the first set to the last. This includes the Marvel, DC and Dark Horse sets.

A few things you’ll notice right away, we don’t have a lot of stock of the older sets. If the set isn’t showing, we have zero stock for it right now. That means we need your help, sell us your extras and it helps the VS community and it helps you either get the cards you need or cash in your pocket for those extra cards.

The other issue is we don’t fully have boxes/packs/etc. on the site. We are working on it. We have a lot of unworn VS Shirts that were won at events, playmats and lots of sealed product that needs to get on the site, that’s coming.

For now though, singles are available and ready for you to purchase.



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