Iron Man 3, Free Comic Book Day and May the 4th Be With You

Happy May the 4th Be With You everyone.  This is the official Star Wars holiday and to celebrate it, CategoryOneGames is having a 20% off sale on all Star Wars CCG and Star Wars Miniatures figures on the 4th.  I will be restocking throughout the night and part of the day in order to provide you the most inventory available for you to choose from.

While away from stocking cards, I’m going to enjoy two of my favorite things.  Free Comic Book Day and Iron Man 3 with my two oldest kids.

I took my oldest son last year to FCBD and he got a huge stack of books that he quickly went through.  I got Transformers Regeneration and Mouse Guard last year while my son picked up Adventure Time, Sonic the Hedgehog and few other age appropriate books.   My daughter was the true winner of last years event, she quickly picked up the books my son went through and didn’t care for, especially the ones that were flip books that had girl characters.  She still has them laying in her room and reads them all the time.

When I told my kids that it was FCBD this Saturday they were both so excited and my daughter was looking forward to picking out her own books this year.  I always look forward to the new Star Wars book, the Walking Dead special should be interesting, Marvel Infinity should be good and I’m always all in for a good Mouse Guard book.

Three weeks ago I took my son to see GI Joe and my daughter was crushed, she wanted a movie date with Dad, so when she saw a preview for Iron Man, she looked at me and gave me that puppy dog look.  I couldn’t say no, so both older kids get a totally fun nerd day with dad tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday, get some Star Wars cards at a great discount, get some free comic books and go see Iron Man.



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