In Summer

It’s summer and things are heating up here at CategorOneGames. We are continuing to see a large amount of orders and trying to restock as quickly as we can. We have had a lot of exciting changes happen with the site recently.

The site saw a massive update to it’s look and logo. The site is friendlier to mobile users and has a much smoother and visual navigation structure. Hopefully you have a better experience with the new design and let me know if you find any issues. One thing that will be improved upon is the Advanced Search. Right now there are some issues with it that will hopefully be fixed soon. You’ll be able to search Alphabetically by letter as well as searching by Rarity by just checking on the different options. The site should allow you to put items in your cart and let it sit for a few days without ever clearing. If your finding issues with this, please feel free to email/comment here and I’ll look into it.

Star Wars CCG recently saw a massive restock. Special Edition, Endor, restockDeath Star II, Tatooine, Coruscant, Theed Palace and Reflections III all saw full restocks of many of the top cards in the game. Every set with commons and uncommons was fully restocked. Reflections I and II are next.

I’m super pumped for three newer games on the site.

Young Jedi finally has a home on the internet.  The baby sister of Star Wars CCG has always been a fun game and something that Star Wars players have joked about for years.  Now you can actually finish off your sets or trade in your extras to C1G and get either cash or store credit.  I’ve also made sure that we have a wide range of foils from the Reflections set which is known as the hardest set in the game to get.  I’ve tried to price it at a much lower price than any eBay sellers in order to make it an affordable set for people looking to finish it off.

Normally I try to stay away from games that are currently being My-Little-Pony-webproduced but My Little Pony is the first game that we are actively carrying that is produced today.  MLP is a cool game that has some former Decipher designers creating and working on the game.  I’ve been told it plays and feels like Star Trek 1E. Pick your favorite pony, build a deck and get playing.

Fight Klub, Decipher’s last released CCG, is now fully on the site and if you have extras, you can trade them in. This game follows different movie characters and lets you build decks around them.

While this looks like a lot of things happening, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot of other new and exciting things coming to the site.

Star Wars Reflections I, II, Premiere, A New Hope, Cloud City and Jabba’s Palace are all due for a huge update.  I’ve got over 6,000 Rares/Foils from these sets to put on the site.

Lord of the Rings is getting a massive update soon as Star Wars is done.  There are around 7,000 Rares/Foils/Premiums that will be added to the site.  This includes a large amount of Foils from sets 1-10.

Star Trek 1E and 2E have a decent update coming, though we continue to get large amounts of buy orders in for both games and continue to restock anything that is out of stock.

Doomtown and VS System are both going to see the games fully stocked on the site.  This will include a buylist update for both games.

There are many more games that are coming to the site that currently aren’t on it.  It will be like the 90’s all over again. CategoryOneGames really is the home of Classic Card Games.  I pulled out all the games that are going to our sorter and it was really cool seeing all the classic games that will be on the site.  If there is a game that your looking for us to carry, please don’t hesitate to post. I want to make sure that everyone is able to find the games they enjoy.

I’m still looking for writers for the site and retro video games systems and games. If you have a passion for gaming and have something to say, please contact me.

The blog is going to see a lot more posts over the next few weeks.  Nate Louderback has a few new articles coming looking at both Star Wars CCG and My Little Pony. I’m going to be posting about Star Wars, Comics and how I got into selling the game.

Scott Church is the owner of CategoryOneGames.  He has been gaming since 1994 and collecting comics since 1989. Scott enjoys spending time with his family, playing and watching basketball and helping others enjoy their hobbies.



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