C1G Update for January 10, 2023: Restocks and Reprices

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Scott’s Thoughts!

Lots to restock. 

As I hauled two bins worth of boxes and packages back to my truck last night, I wondered if I dropped off more items than I was picking up. One of the two bins is part of a massive VS collection we are in the process of receiving, sorting, and eventually adding to the site while the other box was filled with around 10 different buylists from various games. The ones I opened this morning and will be adding to the site include Star Wars CCG, Star Trek CCG, Babylon 5, VS System, and WWE Raw Deal. I didn’t go through all of them so I’m sure there will be more games covered in this update. Keep your eyes out for the cards you are looking for and make sure to add them to the wishlist on the website. This will make sure you get an email notification when they come in stock. 


Repricing continues to be a big part of what I’m working on presently. I can’t wait to get this done so I can get back to adding the rest of the Legend of the Five Rings arcs and sets to the site. Once L5R is fully on the site, I’ll be really happy to have one of the best-made CCGs ever completely available and then I get to enjoy talking to the various collectors and players of the game. 

Within this past week, pricing was updated for; Quest for the Grail, Rage, Shadowrun, Sim City, Spycraft, Star Trek 2E, Star Trek TCG, Tomb Raider, Warhammer 40K, Wheel of Time, Wildsotrms, Wyvern, Xena, X-Files, and Young Jedi. 

The previous list of games with pricing updates includes; 7th Sea, Age of Empires, Alien vs Predator, Ani-Mayhem, Arcadia, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Battletech, Blood Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Call of Cthulhu, City of Heroes, Conan, Doomtwon, Doomtrooper, Dune, GI Joe, Guardians, Harry Potter, Hercules, Illuminati, Legend of the Burning Sand, Middle Earth, Mythos, Netrunner and Star Trek 1E.

I still have an employee working on inventory counts and they are slowly working through Star Wars CCG. My hope is that by next week, I can say they are all the way through the game. 

Podcast and Youtube

I’m scheduled for a Youtube interview this week and a podcast interview next week. I’ll post links to both and am excited to talk to these different creators about the gaming industry. 

The Inquest walk-throughs I’ve been doing will resume this Friday. Tune into our Youtube channel as these will be coming out each Tuesday and Friday for the next few weeks. 

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