Aliens vs Predator and Dark Age

Aliens vs Predator and Dark Age are two of the latest games added to CategoryOneGames. Both games are now fully integrated on our buylist where we offer 50% more in store credit to use on anything else on the site. Card images for both games are currently being added to the site. The Terminator CCG is compatible with AvP and will be listed on the site in early February.

Aliens vs Predator: Aliens vs. Predator is a game based on the Alien and Predator films. The game is fully compatible with the Terminator CCG.

In the Aliens Predator Customizable Card Game, players become a band of underhanded Rogues, a squad of Colonial Marines, a cunning Predator, or an Alien Hive. As a Rogue band, steal data or kidnap hostages (Supporting Characters). As a Marine squad, find and rescue civilians (Supporting Characters). As a Predator, hunt the fiercest foes the galaxy has to offer. Or, as an Alien Hive, expand until the entire area is your domain. This game is for 2 to 4 players.

Dark Age – Feudal Lords: The game takes place in the settingdarkage of post-apocalyptic vision of the Earth, where you take the role of leader of the gang. Using warriors attacking other leaders, plundering their territories. In this way, you gain victory points that you need to earn 10 to win the game. The game is known for being one of the first CCGs to use dice. The artwork is stunning with many classic Fantasy artists working on the images for the game.





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