Reflections Gold

Reflections Gold singles are available for purchase on CategoryOneGames.  Even if you don’t plan on buying one, this is your chance to take a look at each card that is available in the set.

A lot of Star Wars CCG players have never even heard of Reflections Gold and the story behind it.  There is a history to this Notorious set that needs to be told.

Reflections Gold remained an unknown to Star Wars players until rumor of it started on the internet in May 2005.  A member of posted some internal Decipher PDF documents discussing the ideas and creation of Reflections Gold.  These documents listed the mechanics and ideas behind the set as well as when Decipher was hoping to release them.

This lead to a lot of discussion about where these cards are at, if any were ever printed and if there was possibly a full set list or indication of what the cards did.


Decipher knew they were losing the license at the end of 2001 and wanted to get one more set out before the license was gone.  Reflections sets were the best way that they could move older product with the least amount of work.  Decipher didn’t have much time left and were trying to get this product out the door with next to zero testing.

Decipher asked if they could have more time to get this set tested and released before they lost the license, they wanted an extension.  They were told no.  Decipher was already working with what would become the Star Wars Players Committee.  It was beneficial to them to keep these players around and playing this game even if they were no longer selling it.  These were the same people that would potentially buy their next game, The Lord of the Rings.

The Reflections Gold set was so overpowered that it would require you to own it if you planned to continue to play the game, meaning Decipher would have made a lot of money off this set from the small group of existing players.

Because of the fact that they wanted to work with this new Players Committee, Decipher designed new cards that would exactly like current cards without any text.  These would become known as the “Blank” cards.  These were the precursor to the Virtual Cards that the Players Committee uses today.

The idea behind the blank cards is that every 3 – 6 months a new text would be printed for these cards and rotate in and out.

Decipher then went to Lucas and asked if they could release all these cards as a free download to the players.  The problem is that Decipher would not be able to get these cards out to the players until after their contract had expired and were again turned down.

This lead the Players Committee to figure out how they were going to do Virtual Cards on their own without the help of Decipher and these pre-created cards.

Card Types

There are three different types of cards in this set.

Credits: Players would start the game with 5 points to use towards cards to have in your opening hand.  The “Credit” cards each had a value attached to them in the bottom right corner of the card with a gold diamond for each credit the card was worth.  Each of these cards was a preexisting card with the image turned sideways.  These cards were powerful cards that let you change how your opening game strategy.

Combo Cards: These were the combo Interrupt and Effects cards that we had grown accustomed to from Reflections II and Coruscant except much more powerful.  Decipher had taken cards that worked extremely well by themselves and put them with another card that also worked extremely well.  These cards were severely overpowered.

Blank Cards: These were new cards that had a blank text area that was going to be used by the new (at the time) Players Committee to give the players new cards every 3-6 months by inserting in new printed out text boxes for the cards.

Where they are now

In late 2006 a former seller of the game contacted me with information that he actually had a full set of the cards with extras.  This seller is close friends with many former Decipher employees and designers and has had many Decipher era Gems that he has passed along to me.

He sold me many of the extras that he had and decided to hold onto the rest.  Shortly after this he contacted me to let me know that because of an accident in his house, his whole set was gone and only had a few extras left that were not destroyed in the accident that he passed onto me.  Shortly after this, he gave the Star Wars Players Committee a scan of each card from the set.

The cards images were printed off on sticker stock and applied to WB cards for testing.  The printing quality is not great.

Because not much testing was put into these cards, not a lot of them exist.  That also means that they were not used in testing very often so the images and cards, for the most part, are in great condition.


Most Star Wars players follow this timeline in their collecting habits.

  • Complete all sets through DS2
  • Complete the Episode 1 and Reflections Sets
  • Complete collecting the Tournament Foils and Oversized/Smaller cards
  • Collect the White Border Sets
  • Signed Cards
  • Try to Complete the Japanese Sets
  • Then What?

The next obvious step is Reflections Gold and Playtest Cards.  The problem is that these are almost impossible to find.

Reflections Gold cards have not been sold on eBay since 2007.  Playtest cards appear on eBay maybe twice a year.

CategoryOneGames is the only website you will find on the internet that actually has a near complete set of Reflections Gold cards available for sale.

It is now Your Time to buy these cards.  This is your chance to own something you will not find anywhere else.  Own a part of the history of the game that you love.

The full card list is 310 cards, all listed bellow.

156 Total Light Side Cards:
A Few Maneuvers
A Few Maneuvers & Han’s Dice
A Gift
Ackbar’s Assault Plan
Aim High
All Wings Report In
Anakin Skywalker
Armed And Dangerous & Ambush
Attack Pattern Delta
Away Put Your Weapon & Put That Down
Bad Lifters And Faulty Wings
Beggar & Revolution
Bickering At Its Finest
Biker Scout Down
Blaster Deflection
Bring Me The Hydrospanners!
Brisky Morning Munchen
Careful Planning & Heading For The Medical Frigate
Choke & Blaster Deflection
Clash Of Sabers
Clinging To The Very Edge
Close Air Support
Close Air Support & Commando Training
Commander Myron Konkle
Corellian Retort & Fly Casual
Corellian Slip
Crack Shot & Quick Draw
Crash Site Memorial
Credits Will Do Fine & We’re Leaving
Drem Redins
Droid Overboard
Effective Repairs & Punch It!
Either Way, You Win & Eventually You’ll Lose
Entering The Arena
Eventually You’ll Lose
Ewok Tribesman
False Past
Father, Please…
Fly Casual
Gift Of The Mentor & Skywalkers
Glancing Blow
Gungan Celebration Trumpet
Gungan Energy Shield
Han’s Back & Leia’s Back
Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi & Double Agent
Hiding In The Garbage
How Did We Get Into This Mess?
Hyper Escape
I Have A Really Bad Feeling About This
I Hope She’s All Right
I Must Be Allowed To Speak
I Must Be Allowed To Speak & Goo Nee Tay
I Thought He Was Blind
I Used To Live Here, You Know?
I Will Not Defer & Plea To The Court
Inconsequential Barriers
Insertion Planning
Insertion Planning & Critical Error Revealed
Inspecting The Garbage
Is Your Strike Team Assembled?
Jar Jar
Jedi Leap & Clinging To The Edge
Jedi Presence
Jedi Tactics
Keep Your Eyes Open & Shoo! Shoo!
Lapti Nek
Launching The Assault
Light Maneuvers & Jedi Levitation
Looking To The Future
Losing Track
Losing Track & A Step Backwards
Lost In The Wilderness & Yub Yub!
Luke! We’re Going To Have Company
Might Of The Republic
Mindful Of The Future & Inconsequential Barriers
Mission Briefing
My Loyal Bodyguard & Might Of The Republic
Naboo: Ceremonial Chamber
Nabrun Leids & Quite A Mercenary
Narrow Escape
Neck And Neck
Neck And Neck & Changing The Odds
Nice Of You Guys To Drop By
Nice Of You Guys To Drop By & Visored Vision
No Giben Up, General Jar Jar
No Giben Up, General Jar Jar & Gimme A Lift!
Obi-Wan’s Cape & Lightsaber Proficiency
Off The Edge
Old Ben & Noble Sacrifice
Old Ben Kenobi
Old Smoothies
On The Edge & Surprise Assault
Ouch Time
Out Of Commission
Palpatine, Senator To Naboo
Perimeter Scan & Under Attack
Podrace Prep & Too Close For Comfort
Prisoner Transfer
Projection Of A Skywalker & Yarna D’ al’ Gargan
Quite A Mercenary
Rakes Jevorik
Rebel Leadership
Rebel Leadership & Throw Me Another Charge
Recoil In Fear
Return Of A Jedi & Luke’s Back
Sabotage & Slight Weapons Malfunction
Scramble & Hiding In The Garbage
See You At The Rendezvous
Senator Organa
Skull & Mandalorian Mishap
Smoke Screen
Smoke Screen & It’s A Trap!
Sorry About The Mess
Speak With The Jedi Council & Vote Now!
Stay Here
Strike Blocked
Taking On The Whole Empire Myself
That’s The Real Trick
The Force Is Strong With This One & Jedi Presence
The Signal & Jedi Mind Trick
They All Broken
This Is More Like It & I Have A Bad Feeling About This
This Is Your Father’s Lightsaber
Through The Planet Core
Too Close For Comfort
Traffic Control
Traffic Control & Crash Site Memorial
Under Attack
Vote Now!
Walker Sighting
We Are Brave, Your Highness
We Can Still Outmaneuver Them
We Don’t Need Their Scum
We Don’t Want To Cause Any Trouble
We Wish To Board At Once
We Wish To Board At Once & Are You Brain Dead?!
Were You Looking For Me? & I Know
Wookiee Strangle & We’ll Find Han
Yoda I Must Know
Yoda, Jedi Master
You Must Complete The Training
You Will Take Me To Jabba Now
You Will Take Me To Jabba Now & Strangle
Young Skywalker
Yousa Guys Bombad!

154 Total Dark Side Cards:
Alert My Star Destroyer!
Always Thinking With Your Stomach & Scout Recon
Aratech Corporation
Atmospheric Assault
Back On Schedule
Battle Plains Victory
Begin Landing Your Troops & Activate The Droids
Begin Retreat!
Blast Door Controls & Reactor Terminal
Blizzard Scout 4
Blow Parried
Boba Fett
Boba Fett? Where?!
Boonta Eve Wagering
Brief Loss Of Control & Imperial Supply
Cannon Fire
Cold Feet & He Hasn’t Come Back Yet
Combat Readiness & Prepared Defenses
Counter Surprise Assault
Dark Collaboration & Charming To The Last
Dark Jedi Presence
Dark Jedi Presence & Vader’s Eye
Dark Maneuvers
Darth Maul, Sidious’ Apprentice
Dioxis & They’re Still Coming Through!
Disciplinary Actions
Drop Your Weapons & Halt!
Elis Helrot & Oo-ta Goo-ta Solo?
Emperor’s Power & Overseeing It Personally
Emperor’s Royal Guard
Entry Denied
Establish Secret Base & Ominous Rumors
Ewok Supersticions
Expand the Empire
Flag Emblems
Flagship Operations
Force Lightning
Force Lightning & Rise, My Friend
Governer Tarkin
Great Interest
Griff Mirtong
Hidden Weapons & Twi’lek Advisor
Hit Racer
I Didn’t Mean To…
I Had No Choice
I Have You Now & Your Powers Are Weak, Old Man
I Will Find Them Quickly Master
Imbalance & Shocking Revelation
Imperial Command
Imperial Command & It’s An Older Code
Imperial Compensation
Imperial Data Network
Imperial Decree & The Dark Path
Imperial Detachments
Imperial Firepower
Imperial Justice
Imperial Supply
In The Pits
Informant & Takeel
Is There Something Alive Down Here?
I’ve Got A Problem Here & Physical Choke
Jabba’s Droid Pool
Jabba’s Through With You
Jabba’s Through With You & Nevar Yalnal
Jedi Rocks
Kraty Dragon Bones & Imperial Justice
Local Trouble
Locked Door
Look Sir, Droids & Counter Assault
Lord Vader, Lord Of The Sith
Master, Destroyers! & Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
Maul Strikes & No Match For A Sith
Name The System!
None Shall Pass
Not Worth The Trouble
One Arm’s Frozen Lunch
Oo-ta Goo-ta Solo?
Open Fire!
Operational As Planned & Wounded Warrior
Our First Catch Of The Day
Overwhelmed & A Dark Time For The Rebellion
Perfect Hibernation
Performing Under Pressure
Perimeter Patrol
Pit Crews
Podracer Collision
Podracer Collision & Hit Racer
Point Man & Slip Sliding Away
Presence Of The Force & Dark Waters
Projective Telepathy
Put All Sections On Alert & Full Scale Alert
Quick Reflexes & All Wrapped Up
Quietly Observing
Release Your Anger & Unexpected Interruption
Relentless Tracking
Responsibility Of Command
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
Sarlacc Tentacles
Scum And Villainy
Scum And Villainy & Information Exchange
Search And Destroy
Security Activators
Security Precautions
Security Sweep
Short Range Fighters
Shut Him Up Or Shut Him Down & Voyeur
Something Hit Us! & Why Didn’t You Tell Me?
Speeder Downed
Squabbling Delegates
Star Destroyer Executor
Start Your Engines! & Pit Crews
Surprise & E Chu Ta
Tactical Support
Tallon Roll
Tatooine Resale Operations
Tatooine Underground Operations
The Circle Is Now Complete
The Circle Is Now Complete & Vader’s Obsession
They’re Still Coming Through
This Is Outrageous! & Motion Supported
Those Rebels Won’t Escape Us
Through The Corridor
Trade Federation Tactics & We’re Hit Artoo
Trample & Lightsaber Deficiency
Trap Door
Trooper Assault & Tactical Support
Twilight Fading
Uncertain Is The Future
Unexpected Interruption
Visage Of A Viceroy
Vote Now!
Watto, Junk Dealer
Watto’s Box & Quietly Observing
Watto’s Chance Cube & You Swindled Me!
We Have A Prisoner
We Must Accelerate Our Plans & Vote Now!
We Would Be Honored If You Would Join Us
Weapon Malfunction
Well Guarded & Security Precautions
Well-Earned Command
Where Are You Taking This…Thing?
You Are Beaten
You Will Meet Your Destiny
Your Destiny & Insignificant Rebellion



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