Doomtown and Other Updates

Doomtown is now on CategoryOneGames.  You can find the different sets/cards that are available or you can sell/trade us your extras.


Doomtown that was going to be put on the site sometime this summer.  It was accelerated with the announcement at GAMA that Doomtown was coming back as a Living Card Game.

When Doomtown was first released I remember playing the first few sets and then it disappeared in Middle Tennessee. The cards that are available right now on the site are from random collections that have come in over the years.   I’m learning all I can about the game now, trying to get up to date with the ins and outs of it.

Are we short on cards right now, YES.  I’m looking to fully support the older game as well as carry the new Living Card Game (LCG). There are a few collections coming in shortly and we are looking for cards right now on our buylist.

The other thing I really want to do is get Images for each card and card text onto each one.  I’m in need of help with this as I have not been able to locate the images and don’t have an easy to update text/excel file with the card text.  If anyone has these available, please contact me.

Another new game that’s been added to the site recently is Axis and Allies.


You can pick up the missing pieces to finish off your army or trade/sell in your extras.

With over 15,000 new Star Wars CCG Rares/Foils/Premiums recently acquired over the past few months, we have been adding on new cards constantly.  I’ve been going through each set and adding them on one by one.  So far Theed Palace, Coruscant, Tatooine, Death Star II, Endor, Special Edition and A New Hope have all been fully restocked.  Next up is Hoth and Dagobah.

Not only am I adding on Rares from these sets, but C1G continues to get buyback orders in that restock the other sets as needed.

One area that is getting a huge boost is our common/uncommon stock.  Right now we have over 60,000 cards to our sorter who will organize all of our commons/uncommons by set and then alphabetically.  Once those are back in our hands and our inventory is restocked, all extras will go into our Grab Bags.

Star Trek 1E and 2E are continually restocked and we have a large collection of 2E that was recently acquired that should be making its way onto the site shortly.

Lord of the Rings will see a huge boost in inventory this summer.  This includes Foil from the first ten sets as well.  I’m sitting on around 8,000 Rares/Foils/Premiums and 30,000 Com/Uncom that all need to be sorted and graded.  Once Star Wars has been fully restocked, it’s onto Lord of the Rings.

Middle Earth has seen a huge increase in Rares recently including the hard to find set of the Balrog with almost every card in stock from that set and in Mint/NM condition.  All the other sets have seen a boost in not only Rares, but commons and uncommons.

Lots of new Card Sleeves will be in stock around April 7th.  This will include all different types of colors and characters/logos.

CategoryOneGames is always trying to create a better user experience.  Because of this, it is going to have a new look soon.  This new look will be much easier to use on Mobile devices and will streamline the front page to make it much more visual and interactive.    Look for this new look sometime by the end of April.



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