Almost Summer – New Look – New Updates

It’s been a while since we had a new look at CategoryOneGames. We needed a new logo after updating the website background, going from black/space with stars to white. Enter our new logo with Gold/Rust coloring and either a black or white background for the image. We are thrilled with this new look.

The new-look goes with our increase in videos for Youtube. We are going to do more live unboxing videos of Heroclix and other games/collectibles that we will be adding to the site. Bring any questions or comments and enjoy as we open or review some fun products. Just this past week, we opened two Heroclix bricks of Spider-Man & Venom: Absolute Carnage. We had a group of us sharing insights into the set and collecting Heroclix. We will be doing weekly live unboxings at 1 pm MTN time each Thursday. Look for Halo Action Clix Thursday the 19th. Fridays will continue to be our Inquest Review. We started with the Inquest Preview issue and just launched Inquest #1

We are glad to welcome back some of our employees that had left for college this past fall/winter. Adding some key staff back to the office will really speed up how quickly we can get new games/inventory added to the site and get orders shipped to you. You should see a lot of new items added to the site this summer.

New Games and HUGE Restocks this past week.

New games have been added to the shop in the last weeks:

👽 Illuminati – added and already fully restocked – updated images for the three base sets will be added soon so they have all the correct images
🐉 Wyvern – added and already fully restocked thanks to some of our great customers that used the buylist to trade items in.
🔨 Heroclix Spider-Man & Venom Absolute Carnage

Buylists up for Arcadia, Bloodwars, Call of Cthulhu, City of Heroes, Conan, Cyberpunk, Illuminati, Kaijudo, Kult, and Wyvern. Look for more new games to be added.

Lots of restocking as we’ve received buylists for many of the games on the site including recently restocked: VS System, WWE Raw Deal, Star Wars CCG, Lord of the Rings, Buffy, Magic, Wheel of Time, Monty Python, Star Trek 1E, and TCG

Let us know which games you are looking forward to on the site? We have a list of games we are looking to add and your input can help shape that direction.



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