2022 Full Steam Ahead

Star Wars CCG is back on CategoryOneGames! C1 was built on the back of Star Wars CCG. It was the game I had the most inventory for. It was the game I knew the best. It was the game I was playing and had played since it November 2015 when I bought a box off of the shelf at Tory ‘R’ Us and went to the first organized tournament in Nashville……in a mall if I remember correctly.

In 2016 I had an opportunity to sell all of the Star Wars CCG inventory and related items to the Star Wars Players Committee. It was a good opportunity for me personally and for the business at the time. I knew that C1 could not grow while Star Wars CCG was our top selling game and dominated all my time. We only had around 20 games on the site at the time and Star Wars dominated all of them in sales and time. I wanted to grow C1 with various games and fandoms. We now have over 100 out of print, what I like to call Classic, CCGs and are continuing to add more games including the Guardians CCG that was added this previous week and a few more that are just about ready to add shortly.

But where does that leave Star Wars CCG upon its return? Back on top, that’s where it leaves it. It instantly become our best selling game. Even though our inventory was small to start, it meant that we would be using the buylist and connections for collections to start building back up our inventory for the game. It’s already starting. Just this past week, we spent over $10,000 in new inventory of just Star Wars CCG. That doesn’t include the inventory we also bought for Battletech, Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth, Tomb Raider, 7th Sea, VS System, WWE Raw Deal, and other games that we purchased just in January. It’s obvious that by just adding SWCCG, we will need to add another staff member just to handle the extra load of orders that have been coming in.

Star Wars will continue to be built out as we add more inventory and unique items like Posters, Sealed Products, Sell Sheets, and more.

One issue we are currently working on is re-inventorying our Legend of the Five Ring inventory. Each individual card was accidentally set to six inventory, no matter what we actually had in stock. We will be adding sets back to the site as these inventory counts are updated.

There is still plenty of other items happening with the site.
We are working on scanning images for cards that are currently missing them.
There are more new games coming. The next one is wrestling-related and will be up hopefully by the end of this next week. After that, you’ll just have to stay tuned. Our goal is to get on 2-3 new games/categories each month.



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