200,000 Cards

I had a chance to go down to Arizona a couple of weeks back.  My good friend Mike Bahr is the owner of Desert Sky Games and I wanted a chance to see his store and do some trading with him.  We had discussed trading all that I had in Magic cards (From Unlimited through Kamigawa block) for his Decipher related games.  We both specialize in the others games and so it made sense to do a rather large trade in order to stick to what we do best.  Needless to say, I came out of this with a whole back of a Chevy Tahoe filled with cards. Back of Car

The best guess I can do on the cards is that it is near 200,000 worth of Star Wars, Star Trek 1E, Star Trek 2E, Lord of the Rings, Young Jedi Reflections and VS System – DC and Marvel.  I don’t know how I was able to fit my family and luggage in the car on the way back but I did and we made it back safely.

Not only did I pick those up, but our buyback system has been picking up tons of orders recently so we have been adding lots of inventory just about every day.

I finally had a chance to sit down and start going through the cards.  First I’m separating them out by game, then I’m going to start putting Rares and Full Common and Uncommon sets up for sale.  I’m basically going to take a box (4 row and 5 row boxes) at a time and add whatever is in it to the site and then combine it with the rest of my inventory when it’s all done.


Star Wars Highlights:  Large rows of Rares, Foils and Premiums.  Uncut Sheets including Reflections 3 Premiums and many more.   Common/Uncommon sets from every set.  Full sets of Coruscant and Theed including AI’s.  OTSD Box Tops and Bottoms.  Multiple Commons and Uncommons from each set including LOTS of Coruscant and Theed Palace.

Star Trek 1E and 2E Highlights:  Huge chunk of Blaze of Glory Rares.  Large rows of Rares, Foils and Premiums.  Commons/Uncommons sets plus TONS of individual com/uncom that I can fully stock 2E.  Lots of Tournament Foils.


LOTR Highlights:  Shirts, Rares, Premiums, Common/Uncommon sets and lots more.  I saw up to 12 of some of the top Rares from early sets.  Over 100 of some Tournament Foils.

Young Jedi:  I didn’t look through this as much but I know there is a huge row of Reflections Premiums and Foils.

Pic 2

VS System:  While going through this I kept wondering if I wouldn’t find a top card and I found it each time.  This is an amazing collection of VS including Foils of just about every card, regular versions of almost every card in the game and TONS of Promo cards.

In addition to these cards coming to the site, look for the rest of Chris Gogolen’s series for new and returning SW players over the next few days.



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