Year End Wrap with CategoryOneGames

Happy December everyone. Here in Utah, it has been snowing for the last few days with more snow in the forecast. School is nearly out for the holiday break and hopefully, that means you have some time off from work. I hope things are going well for you and that you are enjoying this time of year.

I want to give a big Thank You! for the busy November and I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving and this holiday season with your family and friends. November was the best sales month we have ever had at C1G and had 3 out of our top 5 sales days in our 16+ year history as a business.

During the busy November, we were training and working with four new staff members that are all in various stages of learning our systems and processes as well as working and pulling games. This has caused a few issues that I hope have all been resolved by this point. Please let me know if anything does come up with items missing from orders or something being off. I’ll be glad of getting that taken care of for you.

December started off with a few large buylists that have come in with just about cards from all games that we carry and even some that we don’t yet. If you follow our social media – TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – you’ll see a lot of what we are talking about. We currently have over 30 open buylists that I expect will help restock a lot of various games on our site.

A big part of this December is catching up on things that we try to do as we wrap up the year’s end. This includes doing a major inventory recount that we have started on with VS System and should be done soon. Every game is getting a pricing update as well. So far, the games that have seen pricing updates include Star Trek 1E, 7th Sea, Age of Empires, Aliens vs Predator, Ani-Mayhem, Babylon 5, and Battlestar Galactica. We hope to finish the rest of the games on the site by year’s end. Most games are seeing a decent reduction in pricing while some cards are seeing an increase. Star Trek, for example, saw an increase in Reflections pricing and a reduction on just about every other set.

We are starting a new email newsletter starting in 2023. You can sign up here. We will be sending out a weekly email code on Tuesday night. This will have 3-4 different games that will be discounted with the code provided. Because of our how our system is set up, only games from those families can be on the order for the code to apply. It will work in addition to your normal return customer discount.

We are back to making videos on YouTube covering the Inquest magazine. We are currently releasing videos on Tuesdays/Fridays related to Inquest and plan on doing so until we have worked through the run of the magazine at which point, we will turn to Scrye and other gaming magazines. Please join us on this path through gaming history and enjoy the look at these classic games as they were coming out.

We have recently joined TikTok and will be posting whenever we get new inventory or something cool comes in and we want to show it off.  

I’ve got to finish some games I’ve started. We started adding Legend of the Five Rings some time ago and I want to finish adding the rest of this game by years end. I’m a few arcs away from completing this but it is top of my list of things to do after our pricing updates. Once this is done, I’ll make a big post on social media about it. L5R is one of my personal favorite games and I’m excited to fully be working with the community of players and collectors for the game. I was a Unicorn and Dragon player myself.

There are a few other games that are on my list of games to work on including adding the rest of the sets for Final Fantasy, FullMetal Alchemist, Spycraft, My Little Pony, and Naruto that we have inventory for and need to be fully added.

I really need to finish UFS and Dragonball Z from Score. I started on working on these games last summer when we had a great staff in place that gave me a lot of extra time to work on new games. With some turnover and new staff added recently, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to quickly get back to these games and get them fully on the site and we can get integrated with the community of players and collectors.

New games coming in 2023. We added 35 games in 2022 and 23 in 2021. I’m hoping we can get somewhere around the 30 game mark in 2023. Besides updating and finishing the games above, we have an array of new games to add to the site that we fully look to support. Warlord is near the top of that list with a few others that I don’t want to Spoil just yet. If you have recommendations of what you would like to see on the site, let me know.

Are you playing Marvel SNAP? If so, look for us on the game. It feels a lot like VS and that is a good feeling!

On a personal note – at the end of December, I have one smaller surgery planned and one larger surgery that needs to be scheduled. The larger surgery is related to my right shoulder and an MRI is scheduled with most likely a labrum or rotator cuff injury that will need to be repaired. Either way, it’s going to be a tough surgery as the job of pulling, sorting, sleeving, and shipping cards all include the use of my shoulder, and this could really slow down what I’m able to do. I’m hoping for a good result from the MRI and that physical therapy will be the best solution instead of surgery. We will see. This is an old basketball injury that occasionally flares up and causes issues. The smaller surgery should lay me out for a day or two at the end of December and shouldn’t be a big issue.



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