What have we been up to?

It is always fun to look at websites through web.archive.org and seeing where they started and how they changed over the years.  CategoryOneGames started in 2004 specializing in WARS, Lord of the Rings and VS and quickly added FullMetal Alchemist and eventually Star Wars.

The site has gone through a lot of changes and recently has seen some improvements.  Each game we currently carry is updated bellow in the order they either have been updated in or will be updated in.

Star Wars Related

  • We have a Wishlist system in place.  Once you sign into your account and browse through categories, you can click on the “Add to Wishlist” button and you will be emailed when that card is back in stock.
  • Star Wars Premium cards are now each individually separated instead of all together. We have already heard from a lot of people that they like this a lot better.
  • Japanese and White Border expansions are now listed out on the main drop down list of expansions and easier to find in search results.  Each card has the word [Japanese] or [White Border] behind them to make it easier to distinguish.
  • Back in April we posted a blog post talking about 200,000 cards we had purchased.  A large majority of these were Star Wars.  They are now fully on the site.
  • Commons/Uncommons are fully stocked, Com/Uncom sets are available.
  • Star Wars T-Shirts are now on the site.
  • We have increased how much we are paying for top cards.  That means if you have Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight, we are now going to pay more for that than we would All My Urchins.
  • We have added the Star Wars Living Card Game and X-Wing Core Set and X-Wing X-Wing Expansion Pack.
  • Young Jedi packs and boxes are in stock but in limited supply

Star Trek Related

  • As mentioned in the Star Wars section,  the 200,000 card collection has been separated out by game and then by set.    The Star Trek section has been completely sorted.  All Commons/Uncommons have been sorted and are ready to add to the site.   This includes 2E sets.
  • Star Trek additions will be hitting the site this week.  This includes filling in Rares and Com/Uncom for 1E and adding cards from 2E.  This also means we will update the Buylist to include 2E cards.
  • Star Trek Shirts and Rules Supplements have been added to the site.
  • A new post will be updated when Star Trek is fully updated.

Middle Earth 

  • Middle Earth is going to be updated once Star Trek is done.
  • We have a large collection we are just waiting to arrive right now.
  • Middle Earth is going to see all the Rares graded and placed into 3 categories – Mint/NM, Slightly Played, Played.
  • Having Rares graded will let us open the game to the Buylist, letting us increase the amount of cards we have in stock.

VS System

  • VS is a game that we have wanted to get to for some time and have only been able to get DC sets on the site.  This will change shortly.
  • VS is going to see each Marvel and every other DC set added to the site.
  • VS Rares and Foils are going to be grade in 3 categories – Mint/NM, Slightly Played, Played. This will let us open VS to the buylist.
  • This will help buyers know exactly what they are getting.
  • We currently have 3,200 VS Rares that will be added to the site with many from the X-Men, Justice League and Infinite Crisis sets.

FullMetal Alchemist

  • One of the founding games on the site, FMA is going to return.
  • We still have all the inventory that we had listed on the site two years ago and will be relisting it again.
  • All the cards we have from this game are in Mint condition and are perfect for Collectors and Players.

Lord of the Rings

  • We have over 9,000 Rares from LOTR that we need to put on the site.  Yeah, that is a huge number.  We also have a huge amount of commons/uncommons in stock that need to hit the site.
  • There is already a huge selection of LOTR on the site currently and because of that, it isn’t as pressing to get it updated as other games ahead of it on our priority list.


  • We have received cards from different sets than what we currently have listed on the site.  These cards will eventually be hitting the site with the sets they are part of.

Other Games

  • Ultimate Fighting System, WWE Raw Deal, Legend of the Five Rings, and more are all on the list of games we are planning on having on the site.  We just need the time to set up the infrastructure for them and sort/grade the cards that we have.  




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