That will take some getting used to.

This past week I asked our Facebook and Twitter friends if they would rather have card sets organized by release date or by set name. The overall response was that release date.

I wasn’t at all surprised by this. I’ve done it this way for years. When I add a new game to the site I organize it by when it was released. Most of us instinctually sort our cards this way. For Star Wars CCG, Premiere always comes first followed by A New Hope and then Hoth.

Well nothing is going to change on the front end. Users will not see a change but there are changes in the back. As CategoryOneGames, so has the people working with us. Trying to get a new worker to understand set order is like trying to get them to understand another language. And having over 20+ games, that is a lot of languages they have to learn. Not only that, but our system organizes orders and buyback lists this same way. While it’s not an issue for me to take a collection in and automatically start putting Premiere cards at the front, it makes no sense for an employee to do this.

After years of putting it off, we are moving all of our games to alphabetical set order. Again, this will not actually happen on the front in, just the back end. This is incredibly going to help me as I have helpers pulling orders and they will not have to search the front of the card order for Premiere but will instead find A New Hope, just as it is listed on the front of the order form, followed by Cloud City and then Coruscant.

This is something I’m still going to have to get used to. I instinctually still go for the same area I have always reached for when pulling different sets. We are moving into this in baby steps. Star Trek and Star Wars are almost all the way done. Other games will soon follow as our inventory of every other game dose not reach the inventory of the two already stated. As we add more games and items to the site in the future, they will follow this same format.

This is greatly going to speed up the time that we are able to pull orders and sort through buyback lists. We were already fast, this just makes us even better.



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